Pedro Proença and Aleksander Ceferin met in Nyon

UEFA and European Leagues presidents strengthen relations between the two organisations. 

The President of the European Leagues, Pedro Proença, was welcomed this Tuesday morning by the UEFA President, Aleksander Čeferin, at the House of European Football in Nyon.

The two presidents emphasised the excellent cooperation and understanding between the two organisations, underlining the commitment to stand together and maintain a united front for the good of the game.

Pedro Proença stressed the importance of the meeting: “It is essential that we strengthen cooperation between the two organisations and show the solid harmony between the main stakeholders of the football pyramid in defending the existing competition formats, in protecting the essence of football as we love it, based on merit, the right to dream and solidarity, and in maintaining a fair balance between European and domestic competitions.”

Aleksander Čeferin stated: “European Leagues are an essential stakeholder in European football due to their representation and advocacy for the interests of domestic leagues, which remain one of the cornerstones of football in our continent. Their valuable contributions to shaping the future of our sport and protecting its essential values in these sensitive times are deeply valued.”

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