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Previous Events

UEFA Executive CommitteeNyon, Switzerland04/12/2019
PFSC MeetingNyon, Switzerland03/12/2019
European Leagues Board of DirectorsAmsterdam, Netherlands28/11/2019
WLF Annual Meeting Marrakech, Marocco14/11/2019
European Leagues General AssemblyLondon, UK17/10/2019
Leaders Business SummitLondon, UK08/10/2019
World Football SummitMadrid, Spain24/09/2019
UEFA Executive CommitteeLjubjana, Slovenia24/09/2019
Business Committee/Workshop MeetingMadrid, Spain12/09/2019
PFSC MeetingMonaco29/08/2019
PFSC MeetingMonaco, France29/08/2019
European Leagues Board of DirectorsNice, France28/08/2019
European Leagues Board of DirectorsFrankfurt, Germany31/07/2019
European Leagues Board of DirectorsZurich, Switzerland13/06/2019
European Leagues Board of DirectorsWarsaw, Poland16/05/2019
European Leagues Club Advisory Platform – 6/7 MayMadrid, Spain06/05/2019
EU Sport ForumBucharest, Romania08/04/2019
European Leagues General AssemblyLisbon, Portugal05/04/2019
European Leagues Seminar on CSRLisbon, Portugal04/04/2019
PFSC MeetingNyon, Switzerland26/02/2019
European Leagues Board of DirectorsParis, France21/02/2019
UEFA CongressRome, Italy07/02/2019
ESSMA SummitPorto, Portugal22/01/2019
ESD Working GroupBrussels, Belgium21/01/2019
UEFA Executive CommitteeDublin, Ireland03/12/2018
WLF Annual MeetingMexico City, Mexico29/11/2018
European League Board of DirectorsBrussels, Belgium22/11/2018
Professional Football Strategy CouncilNyon, Switzerland14/11/2018
European Leagues General AssemblyFrankfurt, Germany19/10/2018
European Leagues SeminarFrankfurt, Germany18/10/2018
Leaders WeekLondon, UK08/10/2018
UEFA Executive CommitteeNyon, Switzerland27/09/2018
Committee/Workshop on Business MattersMadrid, Spain 25/09/2018
World Football Summit 18Madrid, Spain24/09/2018
European Leagues Board of DirectorsCopenhagen, Denmark19/09/2018
European Leagues Board of DirectorsCopenhagen, Denmark06/09/2018
Professional Football Strategy CouncilMonaco30/08/2018
SROC MeettingBrussels, Belgium28/06/2018
ESD Steering CommitteeLyon, France17/05/2018
SportsInnovation 2018 (8-9 May)Düsseldorf, Germany08/05/2018
European Leagues Board of DirectorsSt-Petersburg02/05/2018
European Leagues Legal Workshop (24-25 April)24/04/2018
European Leagues Cluv Advisory PlatformAmsterdam , Netherlands23/04/2018
EC Expert Group on IntegrityVarna, Bulgaria23/04/2018
European Leagues General Assembly (5-6 April)Edinburgh, Scotland06/04/2018
EU Sport ForumSofia, Bulgaria22/03/2018
EPFL CSR/Community Platform – EFDN ConferenceParis, France21/03/2018
EPFL Working Group on CalendarMilan, Italy12/03/2018
EPFL Strategic Committee on Business, Legal & EU Matters (6-7 March)Warsaw, Poland07/03/2018
SROC MeetingBarcelona, Spain01/03/2018
FIFA Football Stakeholders CommitteeZurich, Switzerland28/02/2018
UEFA CongressBratislava, Slovakia26/02/2018
EPFL Board of DirectorsNyon, Switzerland14/02/2018
EU Sport InfodayBrussels, Belgium30/01/2018
PFSC MeetingNyon, Switzerland23/01/2018
ESSMA Summit (16-17 January)Dublin, Ireland16/01/2018
SROC MeetingLondon, UK12/12/2017
UEFA Executive CommitteeNyon, Switzerland07/12/2017
EPFL Board of DirectorsLisbon29/11/2017
WLF CongressNew York, USA20/11/2017
ESD Plenary MeetingBrussels17/11/2017
EPFL Strategic Committee on Football MattersNyon09/11/2017
EPFL Working Group on IntegrityMadrid08/11/2017
EPFL General AssemblyTel-Aviv, Israel20/10/2017
EPFL SeminarTel-Aviv, Israel19/10/2017
World Football SummitMadrid16/10/2017
EPFL Workshop with Leagues’ Communication Directors @LeadersLondon04/10/2017
EPFL Informal eSports Meeting @ LeadersLondon04/10/2017
Leaders eSports Live Specialist Forum @ LeadersLondon03/10/2017
ESSMA Fan Entertainment Workshop 2017Turin03/10/2017
Leaders WeekLondon (2/6 October)02/10/2017
13th Extraordinary UEFA CongressGeneva20/09/2017
EPFL Board of DirectorsMilan, Italy14/09/2017
EPFL Joint Strategic CommitteesManchester06/09/2017
Soccerex Global ConventionManchester (4-6 September)04/09/2017
EPFL Workshop on Video Assistant Referees (VAR)Nyon18/07/2017
EPFL Legal WorkshopAthens, Greece29/06/2017
EPFL Board of DirectorsCopenhagen, Denmark15/06/2017
EPFL Extraordinary General AssemblyGeneva06/06/2017
ESSMA Pitch Management WorkshopLeicester10/05/2017
EPFL Board of DirectorsParis27/04/2017
41st Ordinary UEFA CongressHelsinki05/04/2017
EPFL General AssemblyPorto31/03/2017
EPFL SeminarPorto30/03/2017
EPFL Board of DirectorsPorto30/03/2017
EU Sports ForumValletta08/03/2017
Joint Meeting of the EPFL Strategic CommitteesZurich02/03/2017
EPFL Board of DirectorsBrussels23/02/2017
UEFA Executive CommitteeNyon09/02/2017
ESSMA SummitLyon16/01/2017
EPFL Knowledge Sharing WorkshopBucharest13/12/2016
WLF General AssemblyFrankfurt23/11/2016
EPFL Board MeetingFrankfurt22/11/2016
EPFL General AssemblyZurich21/10/2016
EPFL Seminar on Good Governance in FootballZurich20/10/2016
EPFL Digital Group MeetingLondon06/10/2016
UEFA Executive Committee MeetingAthens15/09/2016
EC European Week of Sport 2016 – Flagship Event EC Conference on Good Governance in SportBrussels15/09/2016
UEFA CongressAthens14/09/2016
EC European Week of Sport 2016Europe10/09/2016
EPFL Board of Directors MeetingAmsterdam08/09/2016
ECA General AssemblyGeneva05/09/2016
ESD Working GroupBrussels29/08/2016
Joint Meeting of the EPFL Strategic CommitteesVienna18/08/2016
EC Expert Group on Good GovernanceBrussels14/07/2016
SROC MeetingLondon13/07/2016
EC Refugees MeetingBrussels12/07/2016
EU Expert Group on Match Fixing,Helsinki08/06/2016
ESSMA Stadium Tour, Switzerland, Austria, HungrySwi, Aus, Hun07/06/2016
ESSMA WorkshopLondon31/05/2016
EPFL Board of Directors MeetingGeneva30/05/2016
2016 European Week of Sport ConferenceBrussels26/05/2016
EPFL WorkshopMilan27/04/2016
SROC MeetingBrussels20/04/2016
EU Expert Group on the Economic Dimension of Sport BrusselsBrussels19/04/2016
EPFL Board of Directors MeetingMadrid18/04/2016
EU Expert Group on HEPACyprus12/04/2016
EU Expert Group on Match FixingBrussels06/04/2016
EPFL General AssembleyGeneva11/03/2016
EU Sports Forum 2016The Hague09/03/2016
FIFA: Extraordinary CongressZurich26/02/2016
UEFA: Extraordinary CongressZurich25/02/2016
SROC Working Group on EnforcementMadrid24/02/2016
FIFA Executive Committee MeetingZurich24/02/2016
Technical meeting on the impact of the new FIFA rules on Intermediaries in the EUBrussels22/02/2016
EPFL Board of Directors MeetingCopenhagen19/02/2016
EPFL Strategic Committees Meeting: Football + Business, Legal & EU MattersGeneva11/02/2016
EPFL Legal Experts MeetingNyon10/02/2016
ECA : General AssemblyParis08/02/2016
FIFA Executive Committee meetingZurich02/12/2015
World Leagues? MeetingParis01/12/2015
EU Expert Group HEPA meetingBrussels26/11/2015
EPFL Board of Directors meetingAmsterdam25/11/2015
EPFL Strategic Committees Meeting: Football + Business, Legal & EU MattersAmsterdam24/11/2015
ECA-EPFL Conference on Youth Football Manchester12/11/2015
Expert Group on Good GovernanceBrussels10/11/2015
EPFL General AssemblyWarsaw23/10/2015
EPFL Seminar & Gala DinnerWarsaw22/10/2015
European Social Dialogue Steering GroupAmsterdam08/10/2015
EPFL/SROC Seminar on EU Digital Single Market & Territoriality issuesLondon07/10/2015
EU Expert Group Match-fixing meetingBrussels23/09/2015
EU Expert Group Match-fixing meeting Brussels23/09/2015
UEFA TEP meetingMalta15/09/2015
EPFL/EU European Week of Sport, Europe11/09/2015
FIFA Working Group for Players? StatusZurich14/08/2015
Board of DirectorsGeneva15/07/2015
SROC meetingBrussels09/07/2015
EU Expert Group HEPA meetingLisbon25/06/2015
Middle-size Leagues? meetingWarsaw27/05/2015
European Social Dialogue Steering GroupWarsaw27/05/2015
EU Expert Group Good Governance meeting Brussels05/03/2015
Board of Directors Frankfurt19/02/2015
EPFL Strategic Committees joint meetingFrankfurt18/02/2015
UEFA PFSC Meeting  Nyon03/12/2014
EPFL Workshop on Leagues competitions? formats and structuresOslo26/11/2014
EPFL General AssemblyStockholm24/11/2014
Swedish Football League Seminar on Connected LeagueStockholm23/10/2014
Strategic Committee on League Business, Legal and Regulatory MattersLondon09/10/2014
EPFL Working Group on Transfer Matters Nyon19/09/2014
UEFA PFSC MeetingNyon09/09/2014
Board of DirectorsGeneva09/09/2014
Strategic Committee on Football MattersAmsterdam20/08/2014
Board of Directors ? Strategic MeetingFrankfurt16/07/2014
EPFL Task Force on EU Affairs London16/06/2014
EPFL Task Force on Counterfeiting & PiracyLondon16/06/2014
UEFA PFSC MeetingTurin12/05/2014
Board of DirectorsParis07/05/2014
Strategic Committee on League Business, Legal and Regulatory MattersParis06/05/2014
 Evaluation Workshop EPFL/TI/DFL ?Staying on Side? project  Rome07/04/2014
II FootbAll About Super League Greece Conference Athens20/03/2014
EPFL General AssemblyAthens20/03/2014
UEFA PFSC Meeting Nyon10/03/2014
Board of Directors Geneva04/03/2014
EPFL Technical Meeting on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022Frankfurt23/01/2014
UEFA PFSC Meeting Nyon22/01/2014
Board of Directors  Amsterdam15/01/2014
Associate Members Steering Group Milan07/01/2014
Board of Directors Frankfurt27/11/2013
Standing Committee on Players? Transfers & Players? Agents  Zurich20/11/2013
EPFL General AssemblyParis25/10/2013
Standing Committee on Stadia Safety & Security London10/10/2013
Standing Committee on Social Responsibility Bad Ragaz02/10/2013
Workshop on Customer Relationship Management Amsterdam26/09/2013
UEFA PFSC Meeting Dubrovnik19/09/2013
EPFL / TI / DFL Communications and Media Workshop Berlin18/09/2013
Standing Committee on Players? Transfers & Players? Agents Milan25/06/2013
II EPFL Summit with Associate Members, First and Middle-tier Divisions Venice10/06/2013
UEFA PFSC Meeting   London22/05/2013
Board of Directors  Amsterdam15/05/2013
II Seminar on Good Financial Governance  Amsterdam14/05/2013
Standing Committee on Players? Transfers & Players? Agents Paris07/05/2013
 S. Committee/Workshop on Media & Marketing   Manchester10/04/2013
UEFA PFSC Meeting  Sofia27/03/2013
EPFL General Assembly  Lisbon15/03/2013
Conference on Intellectual Property Rights  Lisbon14/03/2013
Standing Committee on Players? Transfers & Players? Agents Nyon07/03/2013
III Workshop on Stadia Management  Frankfurt26/02/2013
Board of Directors  London25/02/2013
Standing Committee on Competition Matters Nyon16/01/2013
Standing Committee on Stadia Safety & Security  Nyon05/12/2012
Board of Directors Nyon04/12/2012
UEFA PFSC Meeting Nyon03/12/2012
Forum on Professional Football Social Responsibility Lisbon27/11/2012
EPFL Best Practice Awards Ceremony Edinburgh25/10/2012
1st EPFL Seminar on Good Financial Governance Edinburgh25/10/2012
EPFL General Assembly Edinburgh24/10/2012
Standing Committee on Players? Transfers & Players? Agents Brussels18/10/2012
Standing Committee on EU Affairs & Social Dialogue Brussels17/10/2012
Standing Committee on Competition Matters London11/10/2012
Standing Committee on Media & Marketing London11/10/2012
Board of Directors London09/10/2012
Standing Committee on Social Responsibility Nyon26/09/2012
EPFL General Assembly Istanbul05/07/2012
Board of Directors Istanbul05/07/2012
EPFL at EU Council’s Expert Group pm Good Governance Brussels06/06/2012
EPFL at the Informal meeting of EU Sport Directors Copenhagen31/05/2012
3rd Workshop in Youth Development Oslo22/05/2012
UEFA PFSC Meeting Munich18/05/2012
Eastern European Leagues/Clubs Summit Moscow04/05/2012
Standing Committee on Competition Matters (extraordinary meeting) Nyon20/04/2012
Signing of European Social Dialogue Autonomous Agreement Brussels19/04/2012
Standing Committee on EU Affairs & Social Dialogue Brussels18/04/2012
Standing Committee on Social Responsibility Nyon10/04/2012
III Match Day Against Hunger Europe31/03/2012
EPFL at Soccerex European Forum Manchester28/03/2012
Workshop on Players’ Transfer System  Manchester28/03/2012
EPFL General Assembly Manchester27/03/2012
Workshop on Stadia Safety & Security Zurich14/03/2012
Standing Committee on Media and Marketing Zurich14/03/2012
Standing Committee on PFF Nyon09/03/2012
Professional Football Against Hunger 2012 Campaign Kick-Off Brussels28/02/2012
Board of Directors London24/02/2012
DFL Bundesliga New Year?s Reception Frankfurt16/01/2012
10th Anniversary Gala RFPL  Moscow13/12/2011
Austrian Bundesliga Annual Ceremony Vienna06/12/2011
Board of Directors Nyon06/12/2011
EPFL at EU Conference on Sports Agents Brussels09/11/2011
Workshop on Youth Development Liverpool07/11/2011
General Assembly  Kiev24/10/2011
EPFL Associate Member Leagues’ Summit London07/10/2011
Workshop and Committee on Media and Marketing  London06/10/2011
EPFL Networking Session at Leaders in Football-Chelsea FC Std London06/10/2011
Board of Directors Warsaw20/09/2011
Standing Committees on Stadia Safety and Security, Nyon15/09/2011
Standing Committees on Social Responsibility, Nyon15/09/2011
Standing Committees on Professional Football Finance, Nyon14/09/2011
Standing Committees on EU Affairs and Social Dialogue,Nyon13/09/2011
Standing Committee on Player Transfers and Player Agents Nyon13/09/2011
Standing Committee on Competition Matters Nyon12/09/2011
Extrodinary Meeting Competitions Committee Nyon16/03/2011
EPFL field visit to EU funded FAO Projects Burkina Faso14/03/2011
EPFL Workshop on European Social Dialogue Warsaw23/02/2011
EPFL Board of Directors  Madrid11/02/2011
EPFL Standing Committee on Competition Matters  Dusseldorf08/02/2011
EPFL Seminar on Safety and Security   Athens07/12/2010
EPFL Board of Directors   Athens06/12/2010
 World Leagues Debate at Soccerex Convention  Rio de Janeiro23/11/2010
Meeting with European Association of Communication Directors  Brussels18/11/2010
EPFL Meeting with Associate Members  Nyon16/11/2010
European Social Dialogue Steering Group Brussels 15/11/2010
Meeting with Portuguese Association of Sports Lawyers  Lisbon11/11/2010
EPFL at the International Football Summit  Cologne09/11/2010
EPFL/FAO Match Day Against Hunger  Europe23/10/2010
EPFL at FIFPro Symposium  Paris22/10/2010
EPFL General Assembly  London07/10/2010
EPFL at Leaders in Football London06/10/2010
EPFL 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner London06/10/2010
Extraordinary Social Dialogue Liaison Forum Brussels30/09/2010
EPFL Board of Directors Nyon22/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on Media and Marketing Nyon16/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on Social Responsibility Nyon15/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on EU Affairs Nyon15/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on Finance Nyon15/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on Players Transfers and Agents Nyon14/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on Social Dialogue Nyon14/09/2010
EPFL Standing Committee on Competitions Nyon13/09/2010
EPFL General Assembly London07/09/2010
EPFL Safety and Security Panel at SPONSORs Sports Venue Summit Munich02/09/2010
UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council Monaco27/08/2010
EPFL at the Bundesliga General Assembly Germany17/08/2010
Sport Rights Owners Coalition Meeting London23/07/2010
EPFL General Assembly Paris23/07/2010
EPFL Board of Directors Meeting Paris22/07/2010
European Social Dialogue Liaison Forum Meeting Brussels21/07/2010
EPFL Meeting with European Football Agents Association Nyon  17/07/2010
EPFL Meeting with Asser Institute Nyon17/07/2010
EPFL Meeting with Scandinavian Leagues Oslo  28/06/2010
EPFL Meeting with Serbian SuperLiga Nyon08/06/2010
EPFL at Sports Law Conference: Lisbon Treaty and Sport. FIFA Players? Transfers Regulation Portugal28/05/2010
EPFL Board of Directors Meeting Nyon25/05/2010
EPFL/Norsk Toppfotball Meeting with UEFA  Nyon20/05/2010
EPFL Meeting with Norsk Toppfotball (Norwegian League)  Nyon 19/05/2010
EPFL  Media and Marketing Committee Nyon18/05/2010
EPFL Professional Football Finance Committee Nyon18/05/2010
EPFL/FAO 2010 Launch Campaign Rome11/05/2010
Media and Marketing Committee Nyon21/04/2010
EU Sports Forum 2010 Madrid 19/04/2010
EU Affairs Committee Meeting Nyon15/04/2010
Social Dialogue Meeting Nyon14/04/2010
EPFL Players? Transfers and Agents Committee Nyon13/04/2010
Competition Committee Meeting Nyon 13/04/2010
LPFP Workshop on Contractual Stability26/03/2010
UEFA Congress Tel Aviv25/03/2010
EPFL Social Resp. Committee London23/03/2010
Media and Marketing Committee Nyon21/03/2010
EPFL General Assembly Nyon11/03/2010
Official Inauguration of the renovated EPFL HQ , Nyon10/03/2010
UEFA-EPFL Friendly Football Match Nyon10/03/2010
Soccerex European Forum Manchester02/03/2010
Carling Cup Final London28/02/2010
Bulgarian Professional Football League GA Sofia24/02/2010
ISPO SpoBIS Conference Munich22/02/2010
European Commission’s Conference Brussels16/02/2010
EPFL Refereeing Committee meeting Lisboa11/02/2010
EPFL Board of Directors Nyon10/02/2010
Meeting with UEFA on UEFA Financial Fair Play Nyon05/02/2010
EPFL Task Force on Good Financial Governance Nyon05/02/2010
Meeting of EPFL Standing Committee on EU Affairs Brussels14/01/2010
EPFL/FAO Working Group Meeting London12/01/2010
Meeting with Swiss Football League  Bern 12/01/2010
New Year’s Reception of the DFL Bundesliga Frankfurt11/01/2010
Meeting with Russian Football Union, Moscow15/12/2009
Participation to the Russian PL Championship Draw (season 2010), Moscow15/12/2009
Meeting with Russian Football PL Execuitves (Mr Pryadkin, Mr Cheban) and Professional Football Leagues (Mr Tolstykh) Moscow14/12/2009
EPFL Workshop on Youth Development, Köln10/12/2009
Extraordinary Meeting of the EPFL Board, Nyon09/12/2009
Meeting with Austrian Clubs and participation at the General Assembly of the Austrian League Wien07/12/2009
Meeting EPFL Committee on Competition Matters, Nyon27/11/2009
UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council,  Nyon26/11/2009
Participation in FPF Workshop on Club Licensing, Lisbon25/11/2009
Meeting with BPFL Sofia19/11/2009
FIFA Meeting on the Agents’ reform and the 6+5,  Zurich18/11/2009
EPFL Professional Football Finance Committee,  Amesterdam17/11/2009
EPFL Players? Transfers and Agents Committee,  Frankfurt13/11/2009
EC Forum – “Restructuring and the crisis – Building Partnerships  Brussels 11/11/2009
EC Forum – European Alcohol and Health, Brussels11/11/2009
EPFL General Assembly Florence 30/10/2009
EPFL 4th Anniversary Dinner Florence29/10/2009
EPFL Football, Social and Economic Forum Florence29/10/2009
EPFL  Marketing, Media and Finance Committee London07/10/2009
EPFL Board of Directors Meeting London06/10/2009
Meeting EPFL – SuperLeague Greece Athens23/09/2009
EPFL Players´ Transfers and Agent Committee Brussels16/09/2009
Meeting of the Steering Group of the European Social Dialogue Brussels 14/09/2009
Metting of CEO/General Secretaries of EPFL, UEFA, ECA and FIFPro on European Social Dialogue   Nyon10/09/2009
UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council Monaco28/08/2009
Meeting  of the UEFA – EPFL Joint Working Group on Match Calendars Nyon24/07/2009
Meeting EPFL – Austrian Bundesliga Geneva  23/07/2009
Meeting of the EPFL Working Group on Match Calendars Nyon23/07/2009
Meeting EPFL – UEFA on Financial Matters Nyon06/07/2009
Meeting EPFL – ECA on Financial Matters Nyon02/07/2009
EPFL General Assembly Moscow24/06/2009
EPFL Board of Directors Meeting Moscow23/06/2009
EPFL Social Resp.Committee  Lisbon18/06/2009
EPFL at Play The Game Conference – Sports Betting Integrity Coventry09/06/2009
EPFL Players´ Transfers and Agent Committee Brussels03/06/2009
EPFL Social Dialogue Committee Brussels02/06/2009
Task Force on Good Financial Governance at National Level Edinburgh28/05/2009
EPFL Board of Directors’ Meeting Edinburgh28/05/2009
EPFL Committee on Refereeing Matters Lisbon22/05/2009
Task Force on Good Financial Governance at National Level Nyon07/05/2009
XXXIII  Ordinary UEFA Congress Copenhagen25/03/2009
 EPFL/FAO ?Professional Football against Hunger? Match Day Europe 20/03/2009
UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council Nyon09/03/2009
EPFL General Assembly Copenhagen05/03/2009
EPFL Board of Directors? Meeting Copenhagen04/03/2009
EPFL at the ISPO SpoBiS Conference with the DFL  Munich02/02/2009
EPFL visit to FAO Telefood projects in Africa  Cairo14/01/2009
FIFA Player Gala Zurich12/01/2009
11th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport Athens10/12/2008
EPFL and SROC meeting with EU Decision Makers to discuss Sports Betting issues04/12/2008
EPFL meeting with French Secretariat of State for Sport, Mr. Bernard Laporte Paris04/12/2008
Meeting with FIFA on the Transfer Matching System02/12/2008
EU Sport Ministers Meeting Biarritz27/11/2008
EU Sport Forum Biarritz26/11/2008
European Social Dialogue Plenary Meeting Brussels 19/11/2008
EPFL Meeting with the Dutch Federation of Professional Football Clubs  Maarsbergen17/11/2008
EC Conference ?Celebrating 40 years of Free Movement of Workers: Old Problems and New Issues Brussels14/11/2008
SC on Social Dialogue,  (Agenda) London12/11/2008
FIFA Early Warning System Conference on Sport Betting Zurich10/11/2008
UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council Nyon27/10/2008
Press Conference – Launch of the EPFL/FAO Campaign “Professional Football against Hunger” Rome15/10/2008
General Assembly London08/10/2008
EPFL 3rd Anniversary Dinner and Award Ceremony London07/10/2008
EPFL Board of Directors’ Meeting London06/10/2008
EPFL Standing Committee on Professional Football Finance Amsterdam02/10/2008
EPFL Standing Committee on Players? Transfer and Players? Agents Frankfurt26/09/2008
EPFL Social Dialogue Standing Committee Paris19/09/2008
The EPFL at the Veikkaausliiga’s General Assembly Helsinki16/09/2008
Meeting with the Managers of the Bundesliga Frankfurt09/09/2008
EPFL Meeting with the Union of Professional Clubs of Turkey Istanbul03/09/2008
Meeting of the Professional Football Strategy Counci Monaco28/08/2008
General Assembly Meeting Warsaw29/07/2008
Board of Directors Meeting Lisbon18/07/2008
European Social Dialogue Launch Paris01/07/2008
Edinburgh, Scotland Participation in the Scottish Premier League Strategy Conference30/06/2008
Edinburgh, Scotland Participation in the Scottish Premier League Strategy Conference30/06/2008
Nyon, Switzerland EPFL Internal Task Force on EPFL-UEFA Relations16/06/2008
Nyon, Switzerland EPFL Internal Task Force on EPFL-UEFA Relations16/06/2008
Zurich, Switzerland Meeting with FIFA and Culture Foot Solidaire on Charter with football organisations06/06/2008
Zurich, Switzerland Meeting with FIFA and Culture Foot Solidaire on Charter with football organisations06/06/2008
Brussels, Belgium Meeting with MEPs29/05/2008
Rome, Italy Meeting with FAO26/05/2008
Meeting with MEPs Brussels25/05/2008
Rome, Italy Italian Cup Final24/05/2008
Manchester, UK UEFA Cup Final 14/05/2008
Manchester, UK UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council14/05/2008
Manchester, UK Meeting with UEFA President, 1st Vice-President, General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary13/05/2008
London, UK Participation in the Soccerex London Forum 200809/05/2008
Sofia, Bulgaria EPFL Board of Directors Meeting  and Press Conference with Bulgarian Media07/05/2008
Sofia, Bulgaria Meeting with President of the Republic of Bulgaria07/05/2008
Brussels, Belgium EPFL Conference on ?Intellectual Property Rights and Betting Integrity’06/05/2008
EPFL Cycle of Conferences: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Sport06/05/2008
Zurich, Switzerland Meeting with FIFA Legal Director22/04/2008
Nyon, Switzerland UEFA, Anti-doping Panel15/04/2008
Lisbon, Portugal EPFL Working Group on Players? Insurance15/04/2008
Brussels, Belgium Meeting with Head of Social Dialogue Unit of the European Commission15/04/2008
Brussels, Belgium Meeting with Greek Member of the European Parliament raporteur of the EP Report on ?The White Paper on Sport’15/04/2008
London, UK EPFL Standing Committee on Marketing and Media (Informal)09/04/2008
Nyon, Switzerland UEFA Working Group on European Social Dialogue and EU matters08/04/2008
Lisbon, Portugal Meeting with President of the Portuguese League04/04/2008
Amsterdam, The Netherlands EPFL General Assembly02/04/2008
Board of Directors Meeting, Amsterdam02/04/2008
Amsterdam, The Netherlands EPFL Board of Directors Meeting02/04/2008
General Assembly Meeting, Amsterdam02/04/2008
Nyon, Switzerland UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council10/03/2008
Porto, Portugal Meeting with Director and Deputy Director of Sports Daily Newspaper ?O Jogo?07/03/2008
Paris, France EPFL Standing Committee on Social Dialogue (Informal)06/03/2008
London, UK EPFL 1st Annual Meeting with Chairmen and Deputy26/02/2008
London, UK EPFL Standing Committee on Social Responsibility25/02/2008
London, UK Meeting with Croatian Youth Sport Games25/02/2008
London, UK Participation in the Carling Cup Final24/02/2008
London, UK Meeting with the CEO of the English Football Leagues24/02/2008
Warsaw, Poland Participation in the FIFPro Conference on Social Dialogue in Professional Football20/02/2008
Warsaw, Poland Meeting with Polish Sports Minister, FIFPro, Polish Professional Football League, Polish FA and Polish Players? Union19/02/2008
Lisbon, Portugal EPFL Standing Committee on Social Dialogue18/02/2008
London, UK SROC Meeting14/02/2008
Zurich, Switzerland Meeting with FIFA President14/02/2008
London, UK EPFL Standing Committee on Marketing and Media13/02/2008
Amsterdam, The Netherlands EPFL Standing Committee on Professional Football Finance12/02/2008
Strasbourg, France Meeting with the Council of Europe11/02/2008
Santarém, Portugal Participation in ?Congress of the Portuguese Regional Football Associations?09/02/2008
Nyon, Switzerland Meeting with Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)01/02/2008
Zagreb, Croatia Participation in the UEFA XXXII Ordinary Congress30/01/2008
Paris, France Meeting promoted by the EC on the Implementation of the WPS and Study on Home-Grown Players Rule29/01/2008
Brussels, Belgium Meetings with various Members of the European Parliament on the EP Report on ?The White Paper on Sport?20/01/2008
Brussels, Belgium Meeting between EPFL, FIFPro and European Commission (European Social Dialogue)18/01/2008
Brussels, Belgium EPFL Board of Directors Meeting17/01/2008
London, UK Meeting with English Premier League and South African Premier League (PSL)08/01/2008
Nyon, Switzerland Meeting between EPFL representatives and UEFA General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary20/12/2007
Zurich, Switzerland Meeting with FIFA Legal Director and UEFA Deputy General Secretary17/12/2007
Zurich, Switzerland FIFA Players? Gala 200717/12/2007
Paris, France Meeting with the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)13/12/2007
Porto, Portugal Meeting with the Portuguese and Spanish Leagues10/12/2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Meeting with FIFPro (European Social Dialogue)10/12/2007
Brussels, Belgium Meeting with Head of Social Dialogue Unit of the European Commission05/12/2007
Brussels, Belgium Meeting with Greek Member of the European Parliament (Manolis Mavrommatis)04/12/2007
Brussels, Belgium Meeting with Greek Member of the European Parliament (Manolis Mavrommatis) raporteur of the EP Report on ?The White Paper on Sport’04/12/2007
Brussels, Belgium Participation in the European Commission and EU Presidency of Portugal Conference ?Towards an EU Strategy against Violence in Sport?28/11/2007
London, UK EPFL Board of Directors Meeting23/11/2007
Madrid, Spain Signature Ceremony of the EPFL Convention Against Violence in Professional Football14/11/2007
Madrid, Spain EPFL General Assembly14/11/2007
Madrid, Spain Meeting with the President and Marketing Director of the South African Premier League (PSL)14/11/2007
Madrid, Spain Meeting with the President and General Secretary  of the Costa Rican Football League (UNAFUT)13/11/2007
Nyon, Switzerland UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council12/11/2007
Nyon, Switzerland UEFA Working Group on Social Dialogue and EU Matters08/11/2007
Nyon, Switzerland Meeting with the Chairman and CEO of the English Football League08/11/2007
Nyon, Switzerland TV, Radio and New Media Sub-WG on EPFL Participation in Congresses and Exhibitions31/10/2007
Brussels, Belgium Participation on EASE-EUROMEI meeting on Social Partners in the Sport Sector30/10/2007
Nyon, Switzerland UEFA, Anti-doping Panel25/10/2007
Nyon, Switzerland Meeting with UEFA President24/10/2007
Brussels, Belgium Participation on the European Commission Conference on ?The White Paper on Sport?08/10/2007
Nyon, Switzerland Meeting with EASE (European Association of Sports Employers)03/10/2007
Lisbon, Portugal EPFL Conference on ?Zero Tolerance Against Violence in Professional Football?27/09/2007
Paris, France EPFL Round-Table Meeting on UEFA Clubs Competitions Reform (2009-2012)20/09/2007
Frankfurt, Germany EPFL WG on TV, Radio and New Media13/09/2007
Paris, France Meeting with Foundation Culture Foot Solidaire03/09/2007
Monaco, France UEFA Supercup31/08/2007
Monaco, France UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council30/08/2007
Monaco, France UEFA Gala30/08/2007
Monaco, France Meeting with FIFPro (European Social Dialogue)29/08/2007
Zurich, Switzerland Meeting with FIFA Legal Director03/08/2007
Lisbon, Portugal Meeting with Secretary of State for Sport of Portugal03/08/2007
Cardiff, Wales EPFL General Assembly26/07/2007
Lisbon, Portugal Participation in the EU Sports Directors Meeting12/07/2007
Odesa, Ukraine Meeting with the Ukraine Sports Minister and President of the Professional Football League of Ukraine10/07/2007
Odesa, Ukraine Participation in the General Assembly of the Professional Football League of Ukraine10/07/2007
Lisbon, Portugal Meeting with the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union04/07/2007
Lisbon, Portugal EPFL Board of Directors Meeting04/07/2007

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