The European Leagues comprises of 32 Member Leagues and Associate Members

The 24 Member Leagues are national premier professional football leagues as defined in the official UEFA list of European Premier Professional League Organisations and are recognized by a national association or federation which is a member of UEFA.

The 8 Associate Members are either: a) major non-premier professional football leagues which are members of a national association or federation which is affiliated to UEFA; or b)  associations of clubs which are recognised by the European Leagues’ Member Leagues in their respective countries.

Associate Members

We believe that all our clubs must be able to compete at the highest levels both domestically and internationally, and we have the responsibility to keep their dream and ambition alive. For this reason, the European Leagues is working to protect and enhance the competitive balance as well as to ensure that the basic sporting principles of our beautiful game are always preserved.

Lars-Christer Olsson
European Leagues President

European Leagues Timeline