European Leagues reject current reform proposals for international club competitions

  • The European Leagues reject the current dramatic changes proposed for the international club competitions from 2024 onwards. The discussed concept presented by UEFA and supported by the European Club Association (ECA) would have unacceptable consequences for all small, medium and big size leagues in Europe and should therefore not be implemented in this form.
  • The Leagues firmly believe in sporting merit as the sole criteria to qualify to international club competitions. EACH SEASON clubs must access to UEFA Club Competitions (UCC) only and exclusively via domestic competitions.
  • Any change in UEFA Club Competitions must not jeopardize the calendar of domestic league competitions. The Leagues are against the introduction of more match-days than those foreseen in the current UCC format and relevant calendar. No UCC match-days can be scheduled during weekends.
  • In light to the upcoming decision on revenue distribution for the UCC cycle 2021/24, the European Leagues supports the introduction of a fairer revenue distribution model and the SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE OF SOLIDARITY within UCC. It is imperative to increase solidarity payments so to protect and enhance competitive balance in the domestic league competitions and to guarantee the long-term sporting and financial sustainability of all our clubs and not solely those who participate regularly to the European cups.
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