The European Leagues’ Transfer Windows Countdown is back and live as from today!

The summer transfer window has always been a source of entertainment for football lovers during the off-season. With just few exceptions, almost all European Clubs have until the end of August to make the best of it and complete their squad for the start of the season.

This 2018/19 summer window is definitely marked by the decision from the English Premier League, followed by a similar agreement from Italian Serie A and Serie B to close the transfer window before the official start of their respective championships. As results, their clubs will no longer be allowed to buy new players after the start of the season.

Within this context, with a few more days before the closing of the football transfer window in some key markets the European Leagues Association is pleased to provide the football community with its unique online tool aimed to inform about the exact time remaining until the closure of the summer 2018 players’ registration period in all major European Professional Football Leagues.

Click here to get access to the European Leagues Transfer Countdown.

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