Progress in the Social Dialogue for professional football in Romania

EU social partners visit domestic stakeholders in Romania to improve labour conditions in professional football


In the context of the European Union Social Dialogue Committee for Professional Football, representatives of UEFA (as chair of the Committee), FIFPRO Division Europe (as the social partner representing employees), the European Leagues and the ECA (both as social partners representing employers) visited Romania on 14 July 2022 to meet with representatives of the Professional Football League (LPF), the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) and the Romanian Player Union (AFAN).

During the meeting, hosted in the FRF House of Football and opened by the FRF President Mr. R?zvan Burleanu, the partners addressed key issues related to social dialogue in Romania in an open and constructive atmosphere. Discussions revolved mainly around the implementation of the Minimum Requirements for Standard Player Contracts (MRSPC) in the country and national dispute resolution mechanisms but also covered other issues such as overdue payables. The parties jointly agreed on an action plan to be implemented within a defined timeframe.

In the context of the exchanges, the recently issued order No° 500 of the Ministry of Sport of Romania was also brought up. All parties shared serious concerns and reservations about its compatibility with the principle of free movement of workers enshrined in the EU Treaty. The parties expect the matter to be resolved without delay.


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