Kick-off for the first edition of European Leagues ELEVATE Executive Programme

Last week, the European Leagues launched the first edition of ELEVATE, an exclusive Executive Development Programme for leaders and managers of European Leagues’ Members that takes place from September 2022 to May 2023 based on a format of four physical and three virtual sessions.

The programme aims to give participants the tools, skills and knowledge required to work at the highest levels of football league management. It has been specifically designed from the perspective of managing a league and for leaders and managers who are looking to further understand the current and future trends impacting the professional football industry and to broaden their personal professional network.

Switzerland was the venue for the start of the first edition of ELEVATE involving 21 participants from 21 different leagues from all over Europe.

The subject matter during this three-day session started with a broad overview of the economic situation which will also impact the sports industry. Participants then had the opportunity to learn from the Swiss National Ice-Hockey League, to have a different perspective from and experience of another sport, one of the most popular team sports in the country rivaling football.

On the second day, European Football Governance and the Landscape of European Football were very important topics of discussion for the leagues’ executives who then had an interesting in-depth explanation of the process that resulted in a new Swiss Football League competition structure which will enter into place from the season 2023/24.

Day three closed with a discussion around Data and Digital in the sports ecosystem which gave an opportunity for the participants to understand how to grow relationships with their audiences and partners from a league perspective.

The ELEVATE participants also had the opportunity to attend an ice-hockey match at the brand new BFC Arena in Fribourg, home of the HC Fribourg-Gottéron.

The next physical session will take place in Madrid in November on the topic of Fan Engagement.


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