European Leagues Statement on recent FIFA announcements

The European Leagues are concerned about the announcements made yesterday by FIFA Council regarding the new International Match Calendar, the expansion of the new FIFA Club World Cup, the enlargement in terms of number of matches of the upcoming 2026 World Cup, and finally the presentation of a new annual competition for clubs, of which the leagues were completely unaware.

All these decisions were taken by FIFA in a unilateral way and without any consultation process with many of the football stakeholders and the leagues in particular. Unfortunately, this became a habit in the recent years.

Lately, governing Bodies’ solutions for football solely focus on adding new competitions and on further expanding existing competitions into an already heavily congested football calendar. This results in a privilege for a few clubs while completely disregarding the big negative economic and sporting impact these decisions have on domestic leagues, most of their clubs, players, and fans.

The European Leagues, in cooperation with the World Leagues Forum, are now analyzing FIFA’s decisions and will decide soon on the most appropriate next steps.

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