European Leagues General Assembly – Prague – Statement

During the meeting, the leagues discussed the following matters:

UEFA Club Competitions – revenue distribution model for 2024-27 cycle

The European Leagues endorsed the following:

  • The leagues call on UEFA and football stakeholders for a substantial increase of the solidarity distribution to non-participating clubs from 4% to 10% of total UCC revenues;
    • The projected increase of UCC revenues to €4.8b per season allows a major distribution increase for both participating and non-participating clubs.
  • Strengthening the link of solidarity payments to specific projects dedicated to youth and talent development allows clubs who solely play in domestic competitions to better compete on the pitch and in the transfer market. This will champion and protect competitive balance in both domestic and international competitions.
  • NPC Solidarity payments must be allocated exclusively to professional football clubs to help counterbalance the much greater distribution of revenues to UCC participating clubs while compensating domestic clubs for the enormous expansion of UCC matches and match dates as from the 2024-25 season.

Joint Declaration on the European Football Pyramid

The General Assembly of the European Leagues unanimously agreed to sign a joint declaration in support of the European Sports Model, with the support of all major European stakeholders (link).

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