ELEVATE Executive Programme: The Media and Sponsorship Approach ‘Made in Italy’

Following a successful kick-off in Nyon, Switzerland, the 2023-24 edition of ELEVATE convened last week in Milan for its second physical session. The three-day event, featured a diverse and insightful agenda, offering participants a unique opportunity to explore topics centred around the overarching themes of media  and sponsorship from an Italian perspective.

The inaugural day started with a comprehensive presentation on Serie A’s media rights strategy, both internationally and domestically. Led by Maria Solbiati and Anna Guarnerio, the discussions highlighted the league’s strategy to enhance its global footprint and address new challenges as well as opportunities for competition organizers in the commercialisation of their media rights.

The second day provided a unique behind-the-scenes experience at Radio Serie A, with Lorenzo Dallari, Editorial & Social Media Director, guiding participants through a one-of-a-kind initiative in European football. Later in the day, representatives from Inter Milan presented an in-depth analysis of the club’s communication strategy and media house. This insider’s perspective provided ELEVATE participants with valuable insights into how one of Serie A’s top clubs navigates the complexities of modern sports communication and content creation. In the afternoon, attendees had the privilege of visiting the sophisticated Serie A International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) in Lissone. The presence of Gianluca Rocchi, Head of Italian Referees Association, added a different dimension to the programme offering a unique perspective on the league’s VAR approach and facilities that are managed from the IBC.

The concluding day featured a strategic presentation from 21st First Group, providing insights into crafting a competitive and engaging competition using other sports properties as examples. This broadened participants’ perspectives on the future landscape of the sports industry.

The ELEVATE session concluded with a wrap-up session, including participant presentations on their domestic challenges and the group task project. The next session is scheduled for February in Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by Eredivisie.




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