ELEVATE Executive Programme: That’s a ‘wrap’ for Bratislava

European Leagues‘ ELEVATE continues its tour of Europe with a stop in Bratislava, Slovakia, for the fifth session of the Executive Programme, co-hosted by the Slovakian League.

Three productive and insightful days were used to dive into the overarching theme of media with a focus on production, content/documentary creation and rights strategies for the twenty-one participants. Throughout the programme, experts and guest speakers – including the General Manager of TV Markiza, Chief Intelligence Officer of 21st Group and Head of OTT of OneFootball – provided in-depth presentations and discussed key challenges as well as opportunities for the future of the sports (media) industry, not only for football but other sports as well.

TV Markíza, the Fortuna Liga’s broadcast partner’s studio, was the perfect venue for an enriching and interactive workshop where the participants, grouped by teams, prepared role-play scenarios and experienced real-life media situations in front of cameras.

Finally and in relation to the Group Project Task, we received the CEO of the SPFL, Neil Doncaster, to share key insights on how the Scottish League has evolved and answer questions from the participants who will have to develop innovative solutions to a real-world ‘league management project’ which then has to be presented to a jury of industry experts at the final session.

Michal Mertinyak, Executive Director of the Slovakian League, stated: “It was a great pleasure for the Slovakian league to host the third offline session of ELEVATE program which gathered 25 people in Bratislava from all across Europe. Three very intense days full of interesting topics and interactive sessions. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this great development program for league executives“.

The next physical session will be held in London (UK) in May 2023, co-hosted by the English Premier League.

Thank you to all our partners, experts and participants during these three intense and fruitful days.

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