Interactive Data Platform

This section of the European Leagues IMP (Information Management Platform) provides member access to reports created in our cloud-based data warehouse built using Microsoft Azure. The content of the reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats including PNG, PDF, Excel and CSV.

International Viewership -1

International Viewership -2

International Viewership -3

We have been working to enrich our datawarehouse with information from a wide ranges of sources like Trasfermarkt, Worldbank, UEFA, etc. Please find below the reports created using the raw data collected from the above mentioned sources. We also have the capability to combine and derive insights from a combination of these datasets.

Player Data

Club Data

Table Data

Revenue -1

Revenue -2

Wages -1

UCC QR Solidarity

UCC NP Solidarity


Demographic - 1

Demographic - 2

Demographic - 3

Economic - 1

Economic - 2


Legends vary from one source to another but definition of measures remains the same. For your reference please find the legends and definitions from different sources below. Due to rounding, numbers presented may not add up precisely to the totals provided and percentages may not precisely reflect the absolute figures.


  • Downloading: The reports can be dowloaded in multiple formats which include Images (PNG), Data (CSV/Excel of entire data set), Cross Tab (CSV/Excel of subset of data visible in the report), PDF, Powerpoint and Tableau Workbook.

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