Interactive Data Platform

This section of the European Leagues IMP (Information Management Platform) provides member access to reports created in our cloud-based data warehouse built using Microsoft Azure. The content of the reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats including PNG, PDF, Excel and CSV.

We are working closely with both ELEVEN and OneFootball to procure a more comprehensive data feed which would cover a wider range of metadata and other data points helping in delivering a deeper insight to the member leagues. As such, we were able to combine the two datasets and create a customised Combined EL Dashboard . We have also added the links to individual dashboards from OneFootball and ELEVEN in the below table.


Links to OneFootball Dashboard

Links to ELEVEN Dashboard 


(Note: Please do notify us if you do not have access to any of the dashboards)

The EL Data Dashboard which can be found below have 2 Tabs, Summary and Individual Leagues, where you can find several charts and interactive reports pertaining to the combination of different data sources. We have also provided various dynamic filters which will help in providing deeper insights and granular data through the dashboard.

Last Updated: 9th August 2023


Map View

Map View (Individual Leagues)

Tabular (All Leagues)



Legends vary from one source to another but definition of measures remains the same. For your reference please find the legends and definitions from different sources below. Due to rounding, numbers presented may not add up precisely to the totals provided and percentages may not precisely reflect the absolute figures.


Total Views – Combined number of views (counted for every time the user enters the stream on the app or the web)
Unique Viewers – Combined number of viewers (counted only the first time the users enter the stream on the app or the web)
Average Watch Time (in Min) – Average time spent by users watching the event



Plays: This metric aggregate all play attempts in the last time frame regardless of whether or not the playback carried on.
Subscribers: This metric aggregates the total number of unique userIDs registered on the platform for the time period selected.
Avg. Playtime: Reports the average playtime for all views registered in the platform over time.


  • Downloading: The reports can be dowloaded in multiple formats which include Images (PNG), Data (CSV/Excel of entire data set), Cross Tab (CSV/Excel of subset of data visible in the report), PDF, Powerpoint and Tableau Workbook.

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