European Leagues President Pedro Proença comments on ECJ Ruling regarding the European Super League Case

Pedro Proença, President of the European Leagues, stated:The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, announced today, should not change the stance of those who advocate for football in its true essence: a passionate sport where everyone has the right to dream, to exceed expectations on the field, to grow. The European Leagues advocates for an open competition model, where qualification for European club competitions is determined by annual performance in domestic competitions. There are fundamental principles that should not be questioned: domestic competitions are the foundation of fans’ passion and must, therefore, be protected. The right to progress through various competitive levels, played out and earned on the field, encompasses another essential guarantee, that of solidarity in financing the development of future talent.

This is the football we defend and will continue to defend, in collaboration with all stakeholders whose mission is to ensure the true essence of football

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