Abolishment of FIFA Players’ Transfer Regulations would lead football into Chaos and Anarchy

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros speaking at the 1st Assises du Droit du Sport
Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros speaking at the 1st Assises du Droit du Sport

Two weeks after having warned that “current under surface attempts to abolish the international transfer system, if successful, would lead football into chaos and anarchy”,  at the EU Sport Forum organized by the European Commission and Cyprus EU Presidency, EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros reiterated on the 5th of October that the “FIFA Transfer Regulations are vital to ensure stability in football”. The statement was made at a high-level Sports Law Conference held in Rouen, France, during a panel discussion on the regulation of the activities performed by the players’ agents, which also counted with the participation of Fabrice Rizzo, co-Director of the French Sports Law Centre, Omar Ongaro, Head of the Players Transfers and Governance of FIFA and Jacques Lang, President of the Sports Law Committee of the Bar Association of Paris.

“The transfer market is today a multi-billion euro business, which involves high values, multi-jurisdiction transactions and transnational challenges of increasing complexity”, explained Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. “Given the role performed by agents and the endless incidents which have been associated to their activity, de-regulation is simply not an option. Nor could it ever be a free for all approach which would indiscriminately open the doors to all individuals regardless of their professional and ethical credentials to perform this activity. The position and experience voiced by our Leagues is that only a proper regulatory framework can safeguard the games’ positive values and football’s long term interests”, he concluded before reaffirming the EPFL’s commitment to continue working with FIFA and other stakeholders to find the most appropriate regulatory solutions.

The Conference included other important themes, such as the jurisprudence rendered by the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and the Court for Arbitration of Sport, Common Law and Sports Law, collective bargaining agreements in sport and European Social Dialogue, Funding of Amateur Sports, among others, which were discussed by a long list of eminent speakers which also included Valérie Fourneyron (Minister for Sport of France), Gérald Simon (Professor at the University of Bourgogne), Philippe Diallo (General Manager of UCPF and EPFL representative at FIFA DRC), Matthieu Reeb (General Secretary of the Court for Arbitration of Sport), Philippe Piat (President of FIFPro Europe and French Players’ Union), Julien Zylberstein (UEFA Head of Legal and EU Affairs), Pedro Velazquez (Deputy Head of the Sport Unit of the European Commission), Julien Nizri (General Manager of the National Centre for Development of Sport), Wouter Lambrecht (Head of ECA Legal Affairs) and many others.

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