EPFL welcomes FIFA Transfer Matching System

Nyon, 05 October 2010 – The  FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS ) was  designed to respond to administrative and financial concerns related to the international  players’  transfers and its use is mandatory for all FIFA national associations since 1 October 2010.

The TMS will be mandatory to both clubs involved in a player’s  transfer and to all the parties involved.   It is therefore expected to offer greater transparency and supervision to the relations between clubs, players and their agents and their dealings in respect of the international players’ transfers, while ensuring strengthened protection for players under age, both within and outside Europe.

To implement this system in a proper way,  FIFA counted with the active support of the EPFL since the very begining. The EPFL CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, has taken an active role in the process as member of the FIFA Task Force for The Good of the Game , which recommended, back in 2007, the adoption of  the TMS to FIFA  authorities.  

The EPFL has always acknowledged the merits of  the TMS. During the last two to three year testing phase, the EPFL has actively collaborated with FIFA in its implementation  and provided substantial assistance to its Member Leagues and affiliated clubs. In this respect, the EPFL has promoted a serious of informative meetings , bringing together FIFA and the Leagues, in order to review and improve general and technical issues of the system, related procedures and implementation phases. In addition, the EPFL has circulated a comprehensive document describing all pertinent concerns and main observations of its Member Leagues and Associate Members with regard to some practical aspects of the FIFA TMS and also timely informed them on further modifications incorporated to the system throughout the diverse stages.

The aim is obsviously to contribute to the positive development of the game, not only in Europe, but also worldwide, ensuring greater transparency and credibility in football.

To this end, in June 2009, the EPFL launched a Report on Good Financial Governance,  which, among other key recommendations,  encouraged theLeagues to  establish  National Clearing House Systems  to best supervise and monitor players’ transfers payments . Such measure is essential to ensure sound corporate governance  and more effectively prevent and detect possible illegal activities and criminal  practices, such as money laundering or tax evasion. The EPFL is now working with FIFA on how to complement such national systems with  FIFA TMS to effectively implement a comprehensive framework for financial transactions related with players’ transfers  at all levels.

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