The EPFL committed as observer within the EU Expert Groups on Sport

(Budapest 10 February 2015) The EPFL confirmed its commitment to further shape the European Sport Policy by engaging with the European Commission through the participation as observer in the Expert Groups (XGs) which were set up as part of the 2014-2017 EU Work Plan for Sport.

These XGs count with the participation of the EU Member States and their objective is to promote a cooperative and concerted approach among Member States and the European Commission, to deliver added value in the field of sport at European level, as well as giving special attention to the integrity of sport, its economic dimension and the role of sport in society. Each XG will have to deliver specific tasks by 2017 with the aim to open possible EU level activities and continuing with the work previously accomplished by the 2011-2014 XGs.

During the first round of meetings held at the end of 2014, the European Commission for Sport presented a list of organisations which had previously expressed their interest in being included as observers and that could bring, in relation with the scope and nature of their activities, some added value to the work of the XGs. T

hese observers are therefore invited to present their motivations and contributions to the work of each XG.

To this aim, since the EPFL is actively engaged with the European Institutions in several fundamental areas such as the fight against illegal betting, the protection of sports integrity and the promotion of participation of sport, our Association granted the observer status in the following XGs: Match-fixing, Good governance, Economic Dimension and Health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA).

Within this context, the EPFL participated into the second meeting of the HEPA XG which was held on 9-10 February in Budapest. The HEPA XG – chaired by Frenchman Jean-François Toussaint – is committed to encourage physical education in schools, including motor skills in early childhood, and to create valuable interactions with the sport sector, local authorities and the private sector. The HEPA XG is also expected to coordinate the promotion of health-enhancing physical activities by providing political steering and sharing national best practices and lessons learned.

The European Leagues are aware about their huge responsibility in improving the level of participation in sport while educating and promoting physical exercise among society, in particular among the youngest generations. Most of EPFL’s Member Leagues have created their own foundations and continue performing social activities and initiatives both at national level and in collaboration with their affiliated clubs at local communities.

Within this context, the EPFL is strongly committed to bring its contribution to the HEPA XG by sharing experience and successful best practices daily promoted by the Member Leagues in this fundamental area. Moreover, the EPFL is one of the European Commission’s official partners for the first edition of the European Week of Sport, which is due to take place this year in September with various initiatives aiming to promote the participation in sport and physical activity among European citizens.

The EPFL committed as observer within the EU Expert Groups on Sport

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