European Survey on Youth Development released by the EPFL

Nyon, 15 May 2009

Training and education of young players and protection of training clubs are essential policies and must be further encouraged to safeguard football long term interests and its future development. This is one of the conclusions of a pioneering Survey whose content the EPFL is publicly realising on the 15 May 2009.

Responding to a positive and proactive stance to diagnose the current reality and promote high standards throughout football, this Survey was carried out by the EPFL Information and Mediation Unit, covering 22 European Leagues. At its basis was the primary aim of facilitating the development of a set of General Recommendation to be suggested to the EPFL Member Leagues and affiliated clubs at national level as best practices on recruiting, training, education and protection of youth is better in football.

With this Survey the football community and the general public will be updated on the current situation in each of the concerned Leagues. Among the many key issues addressed, the study comprises relevant data on the main features of professional contracts between clubs and players in a vast number of European countries. This includes a detailed approach to the legal and regulatory framework related to first professional contracts, training contracts and non-professional contracts, trial procedures, private academies, international agreement on players’transfers, among many others.

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