EU-Sport Movement Structured Dialogue

EU-Sport Movement Structured Dialogue Meeting in Brussels, 29 November 2011


The EPFL played a decisive and influential role in discussions carried out on the 29th of November 2011, at the Council of the European Union in Brussels, on good governance in sport.

In a meeting held within in the ambit of the EU Structured Dialogue, between the European Union institutions and a high-level delegation of the Sport Movement, the EPFL, represented by its CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, has reaffirmed its commitment to promote good governance in all levels and areas of sport, and called for stronger support from the EU institutions and Member States in matters where public policy is needed, such as protection of integrity of sporting competitions against unlawful betting and match-fixing, as well as the economic viability of sport.

The views and proposals voiced by the EPFL were supported by all Ministers of Sport present in the meeting, as well as by the EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou, who stated: “Good governance is an essential condition for the recognition of the autonomy of sport. This involves key pillars which must be respected by sports federations, such as democracy, transparency, accountability and inclusive representation of all interested parties in the decision-making process”.

Culmination the exchange of views, the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros expressed his satisfaction about the outcome of the high-level Structured Dialogue meeting: “It’s good to see that good governance within sport is finally at the top of the agenda. There is now a clear and widespread perception – shared by several sport stakeholders, as well as by the European Commission, the European Parliament and indeed the Sport Ministers – that sports federations must reform their decision-making processes and structures and that the effective participation of the key stakeholders is absolutely indispensable. Whilst we acknowledge that positive signals have been recently issued by certain international sport federations, the pace of evolution has been too slow. Leagues, clubs and players want to see concrete action, without any further delay! For us, this is the most critical and urgent challenge facing sport, and football in particular.”

Organised under the auspices of the Polish EU Presidency and the Council of the European Union, yesterday’s EU Structured Dialogue meeting enabled a very productive exchange of views on several topics under the banner of ?good governance in sport?, such as:

  • autonomy within the framework of law;
  • democracy, clear and regular electoral and appointing procedures;
  • transparency;
  • accountability in decision-making;
  • appropriate code of ethics and procedures for dealing with conflicts of interest;
  • financial solidarity;
  • gender equality;
  • integrity of sporting competitions; and
  • inclusiveness in the representation of interested stakeholders.

The EPFL, invited in recognition of its credentials as a major stakeholder in European Sport, was joined on the occasion by other representatives of the sports movement, such as UEFA, the European Olympic Committee, Recreation and Sport Alliance and EU Athletes.

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