EPFL invited for Norwegian Professional Football League Strategy Retreat

On 14-15 October 2010, the Norwegian Professional Football League organised a two days strategy retreat in Frankfurt to discuss and learn from other European Professional Football leagues’ benchmarks in order to built a stronger foundation that will allow to improve the economic sustainability of the clubs in Norway and review best practices applied across Europe with the intention of improving the League’s structure, organization and governance, including the relation with other football stakeholders.

On this occasion, the EPFL administration, represented by Jair Bertoni, Head of Cabinet, and Pedro Presa Rodrigues, Communication and Research Administrator, were invited to showcase the recently released Report on European Professional Football Leagues, an EPFL’s pioneering initiative that addresses and analyzes the most relevant features related to those entities who have the privilege and responsibility of running day-to-day Professional Football at the national level. The discussion among the participants led to the introduction of possible solutions to the current concerns and challenges facing the Norwegian League and its affiliated clubs.

In this respect, with the purpose of helping the League to fulfill the existing knowledge gap related to the Professional Football landscape, the EPFL representatives presented the legal nature of the major pan-European Leagues, their entire constellation of sporting, regulatory and commercial competences, their relationship with the respective national associations and other sporting and non-sporting bodies, among many other pertinent aspects. In addition, concrete and practical examples were unveiled to the Norwegian football authorities.

The members of the Norwegian football family taking part of the fruitful meeting consisted of Einar Schultz (Chairman of the Norwegian League and also Vice-President of the Norwegian Football Federation), Niels Røine (CEO of the Norwegian Professional Football League), Ane M�ntr�en  (Project Manager of the Norwegian Professional Football League), Hege Leirfall (Vice-President of the Norwegian Football Federation), as well as club representatives and board members from both the Federation and the League.

The EPFL involvement in this meeting was indeed a great demonstration of the Association continued willingness to enhance the knowledge of its Member Leagues and Associate Members, provide due counsel on issues affecting their football landscape and jointly find suitable alternatives in order to raise the standards and quality of professional football at the national level.

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