EPFL Board elected and Strategy Plan for 2010-11 unanimously supported by European Leagues

The General Assembly of the Association of the European Professional Football Leagues

EPFL sets out strategy for the future of football

The General Assembly of the Association of the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) approved, by unanimous vote, the Global Strategy Plan for 2010-2011. The strategy plan now approved by the Leagues foresees the main priorities and initiatives to be developed by the EPFL in the near future, covering a wide array of key areas. At the top, four main flags: financial stability, transparency and solidarity; sustained development of professional football (protection of sports intellectual property rights and sports betting integrity); youth development and protection of training clubs; and, being the EPFL the largest employers’ representative in the world, contractual stability and player’s agents regulatory reform. 

The EPFL 2009/2010 Annual Report of Activities and Financial Report, as well as the 2010/2011 Budget were also approved by unanimity by its 30 Member Leagues and Associate Members.

European Leagues elected the Association's Board of Directors

Election of the EPFL Board of Directors

During the meeting, the European Leagues elected the Association’s Board of Directors for the cycle 2010-2013. The new EPFL Board of Directors is now composed by: Sir David Richards (English Premier League); Frédéric Thiriez (French League); José Luis Astiazarán (Spanish League); Marco Brunelli (Italian League); Holger Hieronymus (German League); Frank Rutten (Dutch League); Sergey Pryadkin (Russian League); Tomas Grimm (Swiss League); and Claus Thomsen (Danish League). They will be accompanied by Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, as the CEO or the EPFL.

Code of Conduct on Sports Betting Integrity

The General Assembly has also endorsed a joint resolution on Sports Betting Integrity aimed at the creation of a Task Force of experts on the field and a subsequent Code of Conduct to safeguard and to further protect the integrity of the Leagues’ competitions, providing a guidance to the European Leagues on the fight against unlawful betting and match-fixing.

The EPFL General Assembly has been preceded by a gala dinner, on Wednesday evening, celebrating the Association’s 5th Anniversary from its constitution. On the occasion, the European Leagues rendered honour to FAO General Director Dr Jacques Diouf with the EPFL Special Award for the season 2009/2010.

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