The 5th edition of the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin has just been released.

For the fisrt time ever, detailed attention is dedicated to FIFA’s ongoing reform on the players’ agents system, thus fulfilling the EPFL’s promise of fostering greater reflexion and amplifying the discussion around this fundamental and impacting issue. To this end, the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin hosts a series of legal anlysis signed by several distinguished sports law specialists, such as Jane Purdon, Jorge Ibarrola, Georgi Gradev, Roberto Branco Martins, Benjamin Viard, Claudies Schiefer and Gerardo Plan’s , who are joined by the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (editorial).

This edition also offers readers with an insight into some of the main initiatives and projects developed by the EPFL throughout the second semester of 2009. Among many other  relevant initiatives, focus is given to the EPFL Conference on “Contractual Stability and Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Systems”, held in Florence on 19 September 2009, under the franework of the Association’s Social and Economic Forum, and the EPFL Workshop on “Youth Deveopment and Training Infrastructures”, held in Cologne on 10 December 20009.

In the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin, Leagues executives and the whole fooball leagal community will also be able to find the very latest developments within the field of Legislation and Sports Regulations both at national and international level, Jurisprudence rendered by the Court of Arbitraton for Sport, European Court of Justice, FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, as well as Sports Betting Regulation, Contractual Stability, EU Alcohol and Health Forum.

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