EPFL Sports Law Bulletin – 8th edition available now!

Focus on QC Leisure case and European Commission’s Communication on Sport

The latest edition of the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin is now available, with more quality features than ever before, including 80 pages of information-packed articles on the latest developments in the field of sports law and politics.

In his editorial, EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, a lawyer himself, looks at the most recent going-ons in the domain of sports governance, European Union affairs and intellectual property rights. Starting with a strong call for greater democracy and direct inclusion of Leagues and their affiliated clubs in the decision-making bodies of both FIFA and UEFA, the EPFL CEO welcomes the adoption by the European Commission of the Communication on ?Developing the European dimension in Sport?, which incorporates numerous EPFL’s proposals, before lingering on the consequences of the European Court of Justice’s Advocate General’s opinion in the QC Leisure case on the economic viability of sports rights owners’business models.

The EPFL Sports Law Bulletin counts again with the collaboration of several senior football executives, high-level public officials and top sports law specialists, who share their views on the most significant topics and enrich the international debate. Among others, the following experts have notably contributed to the current edition:

  • Alexandre Mestre, recently-appointed Portuguese Secretary of State of Sport;
  • European Commission’s Deputy Head of the Sport Unit Pedro Velazquez;
  • Spanish Football League’s Legal Adviser Miguel Garcia and Head of International Relations Robert Pongracz;
  • Football Dataco’s General Manager David Folker;
  • C?cile Huet, Jurist at the French Football League;
  • Chief Executive of the London Marathon and Sports Rights Owner Coalition’s Chairman Nick Bitel;
  • Ross Biggam, Director General of the Association of Commercial Television Europe.

The publication also provides an insight on the main activities developed by the EPFL from October 2010 to March 2011.

Finally, as in previous editions, the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin offers readers fresh information on the latest legislation, regulation and case-law decisions in the domain of sports law.

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