Sports Law “Fashionable” in Portugal

Sports Law seems to be ” in fashion ”  and in great expansion in Portugal.  To prove it one just need to look to the abundance of  masters and other specialized courses created by the leading Faculties of Law in the country over the last six years and the growing  amount  of specialized publications in the field,  in addition to un unprecedented number of sports law  seminars and conferences.
November was  in this resect a very fruitful month, since in  just a matter of weeks two significant events took place in Lisbon.  Reference is made to a Debate -Dinner organized by the Portuguese Association of Sports Law  on the 11th and  the Conference held by the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova of Lisbon, on Saturday, 27th of November.
The EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de MedeirosThe EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, who is also Portuguese national and an eminet lawyer, specialized in international sports law,  was a keynote speaker in both events. Speaking at a room full of lawyers affiliated to the Portuguese Association of Sports Law, the EPFL’s CEO addressed the theme “Sport and Law: Reforms Cannot  Wait”, which was followed by a lengthy discussion with the audience.  “The Professional Football Leagues and the Lisbon Treaty” was the subject of  the address of Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros at the Conference  promoted by the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova of Lisbon, at which Fernando Gomes, President of Liga Portugal, was also a speaker. In his presentation, Fernando Gomes made a  retrospective of the first six months of its mandate and  pointed out the key objectives to be pursued  in the near future,  such as  the regulation of online sports betting, the increase of revenue sources and match attendances  and professionalisation of refereeing.

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