Third Edition of the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin launched

EPFL Sports Law Bulletin Third Edition With the aim of maintaining its Member Leagues and the football community updated with the most relevant issues currently facing the world of Sports, the EPFL has launched the third edition of its Sports Law Bulletin.

This new edition offers a wide range of information on the latest developments on European policy regarding to Sports Betting. Particular focus is given on the European Parliament Report on “Integrity of Online Gambling”, also known as ‘s chaldemose Report�, and to the approval of the Draft Bill on online gambling presented by the French Government.

An accurate and expertised view on the later is provided by Jérôme Perlemuter, Head of Legal Affairs of the French Professional Football League. In addition, an important overview is also provided in respect of the latest FIFA regulations, namely the Anti-Doping Regulations, and the recently created sub-committee to the FIFA Players’s tatus Committee which will be responsible for the assessment and previous validation of any international transfer and first registration of U-18 players.

The CAS performance continues to merit close examination by the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin. This publication provides an updated summary of the latest jurisprudence related to Professional Football, with a special highlight to Anti Doping Resolutions. Other relevant decisions related to transfer of young players and the outcome of Legal actions undertaken by EPFL Members at national level, are also available.

The Sports Law Bulletin 3 also echoes the ‘voice of the Leagues’ with top experts sharing their views on topics of relevant interest. This edition encloses ‘Russia and the recent amendments to its Sports Labour Legislation’ by Ivan Antipov (In-house attorney of the Russian Professional Football League), ‘Contradictions in the application of EU competition law to sport: a never ending story’, by Alexandre Mestre (Lawyer at PLMJ) and ‘Bundesliga takes Legal action against German federal cartel office’ by Holger Blask (LLM, DFL Deutsche Fuβball Liga GmgH).

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