Serbian  League  visits the EPFL

Serbian  League  visits the EPFL

A delegation of the Serbian Superliga, composed by the President Branimir Babarogic, the General Secretary Miodrag Jankovic and the Legal Director Mico Petkovic visited today the EPFL Headquarters in Nyon, to address several issues currently facing Professional Football, both at national and international level.

During the meeting, the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros welcomed the representatives of the Serbian Superliga, recently admitted as full Member of the Association during the last General Assembly, and presented the strategic vision, main priorities and proposals of the Association to meet the challenges nowadays on top of professional sport agenda, and in football in particular.  The EPFL CEO affirmed :  – We are delighted with the visit of our newest Member League and learn more in detail what are their main concerns and how the EPFL can assist them in further developing professional football in Serbia. In just five years, the EPFL has grown from 14 to 30 member Leagues, covering an universe of almost 950 clubs. As the EPFL’s representation progresses across the continent, so does our reputation, influence and responsibility both on and off the pitch. A responsibility that we glady embrace”.
On behalf of the Serbia Superliga, the President Branimir Babarogic stated:
“The  meeting was very fruitful for the Serbian Superliga. We had the opportunity to exchange views , ideas and common concerns on several issues of major importance for our League. We are proud to be part of the EPFL and encouraged by the progress that our Association is making. We are delighted to work together for the development of professional football in our country and at European level.”

The Serbian Superliga, founded in 1977 is composed by 16 affiliated professional clubs.

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