EPFL gathers safety and security experts in Athens

EPFL International Workshop on Safety and Security at Leagues' Competition

Athens hosted the EPFL International Workshop on Safety and Security at Leagues’ Competition.

Patrick Comninos - Super League Greece Executive DirectorThe Workshop, co-hosted by the Super League Greece and attended by representatives and institutional members of several European Leagues was welcomed by opening addresses from the alternate President of the Super League Greece Mr. Georgios Borovilos, the President of the Hellenic Football Federation Mr. Sofoklis Pilavios, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Citizen Protection Mr. Emmanuel Othonas and the Secretary General of Sports Mr. Panos Bitsaxis.

The alternate President of Super League Greece Mr. Georgios Borovilos stated: “Such workshops are necessary in order to stage safe and secure football matches because despite the fact that football is the king of sports, no-one wants to be there if they do not feel absolutely safe. The exchange of ideas and practices applied by and in other Professional Leagues that have significantly contained violence, is quite useful indeed”.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros - EPFL CEOAt the end of the Event, the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros said: “This workshop was indeed a success! Under the EPFL’s initiative and with the efficient support of Super League Greece, we have gathered the first line of professional football industry with some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of safety and security of leagues competitions. We gave the floor to leagues, federations, clubs, fans, police forces, stewards and all other key stakeholders. Common concerns, knowledge and best practice were shared in a constructive spirit. This is part of a global, proactive and inclusive strategy which values the role of true fans underpinned on prevention, education and enhanced cooperation between all responsible entities. As custodians of the game, this is our indeclinable duty: To ensure that football remains clean from violence and of any form of negative discrimination”.

The issues which among others were presented in this workshop included the role, competencies and responsibilities of the parties involved in staging football matches, the requirements to establish a safe and secure environment with particular emphasis in the infrastructures, the handling of those violating the regulations, the provision of services to the fans, the procedures promoting the sense of safety and the education of the staff. Furthermore, the presentations of representatives from various European leagues stressed the enhanced role of stewards in clubs. In conjunction with the organising authorities and the police, aiming at better coordination and allocation of responsibilities.

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