EPFL General Assembly in Paris

Protection of Leagues’ commercial rights and sports betting regulation at the top of agenda at EPFL General Assembly

EU Commissioner Michel Barnier will participate in the EPFL General Assembly to be held  next Friday (23 July 21010) in Paris. The Commissioner in charge of Internal Market and Services will discuss with the European Leagues the most pressing issues impacting upon the Leagues business’ model. Vital reforms advocated by the EPFL, namely protection of intellectual property rights and sports betting integrity, will be at the heard of the discussions,  as essential policies to ensure the integrity of sporting competitions and sport’s economic viability and further development.

During the meeting, Jean-Francois Vilotte, President of the French Regulatory Authority of Online Gaming will also update the Leagues’ representatives about the new law which regulates the opening of the French online gambling market, while Michal Krejza, Head of the Sport Unit of the European Commission, will focus his intervention on the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty in the field of sport, following its entry into force on 1 December 2009.
The agenda of the EPFL General Assembly includes other vital matters, such as the EPFL Report on Leagues’ Organisation, Structure and Governance, financial solidarity at the Leagues’ and UEFA level, implementation of UEFA financial fair play as well as the EPFL Standing Committees’reports and the 2010/2011 Calendar of EPFL Meetings and Events.
The EPFL General Assembly shall be preceded by the meeting of the Board of Directors, where several matters of relevant interest for the 30 EPFL Members and Associate Members shall be addressed.

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