EPFL Sets up Task Force on Good Financial Governance

EPFL Sets up Task Force on Good Financial Governance

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) has set up a Special Task Force aimed to address the current and future financial challenges facing Professional Football.

The creation of this Task Force on Good Financial Governance, which will include senior representatives of the Leagues and other experts on the field, was an initiative of the Board of Directors and was unanimously endorsed by the Association’s General Assembly last Wednesday, 08 October 2008. UEFA and FIFA were also invited to integrate the EPFL Task Force, which will now examine the overall financial situation of Professional Football across Europe and recommend, as appropriate, the development of rules and regulations to improve the financial standards and the sound financial management of clubs at the national level.

Within the context of subsidiarity and proper role of the Leagues, the Task Force will also look into the possible development of rules and adequate supervisory mechanisms at the national level, in particular, as concerns ownership of clubs, investment, fit and proper person’s test, third party and economic rights of players and other matters which the EPFL considers require proper and prompt attention.

The results of the work to be developed by the Task Force on Good Financial Governance shall be then submitted to the EPFL Board of Directors and General Assembly for discussion and decision on future action to be taken.

Principles, priorities and vision on the future of Professional Football
In the light of the upcoming European Sport Forum, the EPFL has also approved a Declaration of Principles on the future of Professional Football in Europe.

Reaffirming the Association’s willingness to continue working closely with UEFA, FIFA, and other key stakeholders, the EPFL set out a comprehensive list of priorities and called the EU institutions and member States to ensure the needed engagement of the Leagues and clubs in any key issue facing Professional Football, including any guidelines on the definition the principle of specificity of sport.

Code on Best Practices on Recruitment, Training and Education of Young Players
Another important measure approved by the EPFL General Assembly was the development of a Code of Best Practices on Recruitment, Training and Education of Players.  The Leagues have addressed the protection of young players and the position of training clubs, and considered that measures need to be taken and best practices implemented to ensure that young players receive the highest standards of welfare, development and continuing education. The Leagues have also reiterated the view that training clubs should be properly encourage to conserve those talents in their squads and entitled to receive fair compensation for their investment in their development.

In addition, the EPFL and its member Leagues have reaffirmed their unconditional commitment to fight against trafficking and exploitation of young players, areas which shall also be covered by the Code of Best Practices now under preparation.

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