European Leagues Join FAO (United Nations) to Fight Hunger

Partnership between Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
(FAO) and the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL)
FAO and EPFL have joined forces to fight against global hunger.

The partnership will be sealed on Monday the 14th of April 2008, in Lisbon, Portugal, with the signature of a cooperation agreement by the FAO Director-General, Dr. Jacques Diouf, and Sir David Richards and Dr. Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, respectively the Chairman and the CEO of the EPFL.

FAO Goodwill Ambassador Raul González, captain of the Real Madrid football team,
and other personalities have already expressed their support to this initiative and their
intention to attend as a testimonial in this ceremony.

FAO and EPFL believe that the power of professional football is a key tool for
development and in the advocacy for the fight against hunger and the achievement of the
first Millenium Development Goal (MDGs): to reduce by half the proportion of people
who suffer from hunger in the world by 2015.

Accordingly to the agreement, the EPFL, as representative of 27 European Leagues and
associations of clubs, comprising more than 900 football clubs across Europe, shall
promote a series of initiatives in the framework of the World Food Day and TeleFood
activities, together with FAO, to raise public awareness on issues related to food security
and fight against the hunger flagellum.

These initiatives are aimed to draw attention to the drama of 862 million people
suffering from hunger in the world and support FAO micro-projects designed to help
families and poor communities to produce their own food. An example, among the more
than 2500 small scale existing projects in 130 countries, are school gardens where
children learn how to grow their own crops and breed livestock, and also benefit from
meals at school, prepared with the food they produce.

The EPFL and FAO believe that the support of professional football in the fight against
hunger and chronic undernutrition, through this initiative, represents an important
opportunity to convey to society a message of urgency and hope towards universal food
security for all.

Immediately after the event, which will commence at 15:00 CET, at the Hotel D. Pedro
Palace (Av Eng Duarte Pacheco 24, Lisbon, Portugal), there will be a Press Conference.


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