EPFL General Assembly gathered in Warsaw

Leagues want to be actively engaged in all key issues facing Professional Football

European Leagues chiefs met in Warsaw for the first EPFL General Assembly meeting of the season 2008/2009. The meeting, which was hosted by the Polish League (?Ekstraklasa?) and counted with the presence of FIFA and UEFA representatives, enabled the Leagues to address a number of key issues facing Professional Football and shape the strategic lines of action and priorities to be pursued throughout the next twelve months.

A successful year in review

The meeting served as well to pass in review the substantial work developed by the Association and the significant achievements made during the 2007/2008, a season which has seen the EPFL widen its remit and move forward on a number of fronts, strengthening its role and influence both in the world of football and political sphere.

Within this context, the EPFL’s constitutional evolution, including the expansion of the Association in terms of membership, the creation of advisory committees and the Football, Social and Economic Forum, as an open and constructive platform where ideas can be freely debated by all those who wish to participate in its reflexions, together with the enlargement of its human resources and the recent opening of a working office in Portugal (Lisbon) to support the activities performed at the headquarters in Switzerland (Nyon), was considered a natural and needed step to facilitate the achievement of its objectives and efficiently respond to its internal and external challenges.   

As a consequence, the Leagues approved, by unanimity and acclamation, the EPFL’s 2007/2008 Annual Report of Activities.

Active engagement in all key issues facing Proffessional Football

Also by unanimity and acclamation, the Leagues approved the 2007/2008 financial report and 2008/2009 budget, as well as the EPFL’s Global Strategy Plan for the current season. Presented by the CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, the EPFL Global Strategy Plan tackles all the big issues and challenges facing modern-day Professional Football in Europe and outlines the critical areas and priorities to be pursued by the Association during this season.

Within this context, the Leagues also welcomed the fact that the French Presidency of the European Union has kept sport high on its political agenda and affirmed their commitment to actively participate in the ongoing consultation process regarding the definition of the principle of specificity of sport.

Leagues elect representatives for steering group of the european social dialogue

In addition to that, the EPFL General Assembly elected its representatives to the Steering Group of the European Social Dialogue Committee, created just one month ago in Paris under the auspices of the European Commission.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros will lead the six-person delegation of the social partner representing the employers, which will also include Mike Foster (ENG), Philippe Diallo (FRA), Mark Boetekees (HOL), Ruggerio Stincardini (ITA) and Marcin Stefanski (POL). Tommy Theorin (SWE), Ludwig Sneyers (BEL) and Holger Blask (GER) shall also be engaged in the cited Steering Group as substitutes during the first year of the mandate, becoming effective members in the second one. The Leagues shall also be part of the various working groups to be created to address critical areas and issues of vital significance for the future of labour relations in the Professional Football sector.

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