The French Clubs Join the EPFL

9 March 2008 – Nyon

The Union of Professional Football Clubs (UCPF) has formally joined the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL).

The decision was taken unanimously by the French Union of Professional Clubs during its last General Assembly, held in Paris.

The EPFL has welcomed the decision and will now conclude the procedure for formal admission of the French employers organization.

The UCPF was created in Rueil Malmaison, Ile de France, on the 28th of  February 1990 and is currently composed by 44 French Professional Football Clubs in Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and National (Third division).

Its aim is to defend the general and specific interests of the French professional Clubs and to address social, economic, judicial and professional issues to the different governing authorities in charge of professional football at national and international level.

After years of intense co-operation, the UCPF is now formally part of the EPFL’s structure and will therefore be actively engaged in all EPFL initiatives and relevant bodies.

On behalf of the EPFL, the CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, conveys his welcome to the newest associate member: “The EPFL proves again to be a proactive and growing organisation. With the formal admission of the UCPF, the EPFL’s organic universe will be composed of 27 European football organisations: the major 25 European Leagues and two Associations of Clubs, the Dutch FBO and, as from now, the French UCPF. This is a clear testimony of the great potential and decisive role that the EPFL can and will further play to the progress and healthy development of the Professional Game.

The UCPF General Director, Philip Diallo states: ‘s ince 1997, UCPF has participed at all the stages of the EPFL’s development. It’s a logical conclusion to become now an associate member. We hope with our experience of employers body, we could bring a positive contribution to defend and promote the interests of the clubs at European level.”

Nyon, 7 March 2008

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