LPF promotes sport management course in Romania

First time in its history, LPF, the Romanian Professional Football League, approaches a national education institution, shaking hands with the next generation of managers.

LPF has taken another step towards modernization of the management of the game. For the first time in the history of Romanian professional football, the LPF football league has decided to incentivize the next generation of managers in the world of sport by offering students lucrative scholarships and the possibility to experience the world of sport behind its curtains.

The agreement between the LPF and the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) has been made public through an inauguration event, in which the league’s General Secretary, Mr. Justin Stefan, has tried to answer every possible question from the students and highlighted the benefits of working in a sports organization.

“It is important that students realize what potential the management in sport, in particular football, has. Like in other European countries, the bond between national education and football institutions are very strong. It basically paves the way to the future, creating chances for students to discover the world of management beyond the football field and for institutions to have the chance to recruit the best of the best and to develop further its managerial capacities”, said Justin Stefan, the leagues General Secretary at the launching event yesterday.

With this initiative, the LPF has made another step forward in its plan to modernize the business side of professional football. The best students will receive a scholarship in the value of 1000 euro together with a direct contact to the official organiser of the country’s top football, allowing him or her to experience the day to day work of the league and its clubs.

Additionally the league will hold some lectures at the SNSPA in order to boost the knowledge of sport management and awaken interest from the participants.

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