LFP Statement on match fixing allegations in French second division

LFP President Frédéric Thiriez

Statement by the President of the French Football League (LFP) on Tuesday, 18 November at the LFP Headquarters following the publication of several articles regarding suspicions of match-fixing in League 2.


“For the sake of transparency but in respect of the principles to which I am bound as a lawyer: the confidentiality of police investigations and the presumption of innocence, I want to share with you at this time the following.

“I can confirm that, under the instruction of Parisian judges Mr Tournaire and Mr Robert, the Horseracing and Gambling Police Department conducted searches and took into custody several people yesterday and this morning based on suspicions of match-fixing in League 2 during last season.

“If these suspicions prove true, this is an extremely serious issue for football as a whole, for the LFP, organizer of the championship, and for myself as an individual, since I have always placed ethics and the integrity of football at the heart of my actions.

“Professional football has made great efforts in the fight against corruption, money laundering and illegal bets in constant cooperation with police services.

“Corruption or simply suspicion of corruption and match-fixing are a deadly poison for sport in general and football in particular. What would be our purpose if the crowd, the fans, the supporters, can no longer trust the sincerity of the results!

“I therefore hope that police and justice will do all they can to shed light on this matter. Obviously, the LFP and the FFF will be a “civil party” in defending the honour of football.

“And should these acts of corruption, manipulation, arrangements or even attempts are proven; the LFP will take the largest possible individual or collective disciplinary or administrative sanctions. At this stage I cannot tell you anything more, given the confidentiality of the investigation. I will not be able to answer your questions, neither on this matter nor on the judicial operations currently taking place in Marseille.

“Thank you.”

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