EPFL 2010/11 Report of Activities acclaimed by General Assembly

EPFL 2010/11 Report of Activities

The EFFL Leagues have unanimously praised the achievements made by the Association during the 2010/11 football season and approved its Annual Report of Activities by acclamation at the EPFL General Assembly held in Kiev, Ukraine, on 25 October 2011.

Highlighting the sheer amount of work performed by the European Leagues’ umbrella organisation and all achievements made in each relevant area, the EPFL Annual Report of Activities accounts for all strategic flags, priorities and initiatives pursued by the EPFL during the past twelve months.

Framed by the foreword of the EPFL Chairman Sir David Richards and an Executive Summary by the CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, the Report provides a comprehensive insight into the main activities, initiatives and projects performed by the EPFL’s Board of Directors, Administration and Standing Committees. Precise details are also provided as to the specific work conducted in areas such as Competitions, Professional Football Finance, Media and Marketing, Social Dialogue, European Union Affairs, Players’ Transfers and Agents, Social Responsibility and many others.

An important overview on the high level cycle of international conferences, technical workshops and social events, such as the EPFL Official Gala and Best Practice Awards Ceremony, are also made available, not forgetting the relevant and extensive research activities performed by the Association

The Annual Report of Activities 2010/11 is now available through a digital version on the EPFL official website. We wish you a pleasant reading and trust you will find it informative.

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