Football Governance Reform at the top of EPFL agenda

Board of Directors meets in Warsaw next Tuesday, 20 September 2011
The Board of Directors of the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) will hold an important meeting in Warsaw,  next Tuesday, 20 September 2011, at 12.00Hs, at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel (Boleslaw Prusa 2, Warsaw 00-493).

The European Leagues consider that the need for good governance, covering all areas and levels, is greater than ever and constructively call for greater participative democracy, transparency, accountability and meaningful participation of the key stakeholders in the decision-making structures of international sport federations.  Football governance reform will be, hence, at the top of the agenda.

On the occasion, the Board of Directors will approve the Association’s 2010/11 Report of Activities and Global Strategy Plan for the next twelve months.

International calendar, sports betting regulation, protection of intellectual property rights, EU sports policy and social dialogue are other relevant topics to be addressed by the Board.

During the visit to Warsaw, the EPFL Board will also have the opportunity to meet with senior representatives of the Polish League and EU Polish Presidency to discuss matters of common concern.

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