European football social partners hold joint seminar in Amsterdam

European football social partners hold joint seminar in Amsterdam

Within the framework of European Social Dialogue, representatives from all European football social partners gathered in a joint seminar in Amsterdam, on 1st and 2nd October.

Hosted by FIFPro, the two day seminar focused the discussion on the role of National Dispute Resolution Chambers (NDRC) as well as Disciplinary Procedures between clubs and players. The seminar was an excellent example of the European football stakeholders getting together to collaborate and discuss constructively interesting and important topics for the positive development of the game throughout the continent.

Taking into account the efficiency of the FIFA DRC, the European football stakeholders (namely the EPFL, ECA and UEFA as employers’ representatives and FIFPro for the employees) intend to orientate the national social partners in order to set up arbitration tribunals to offer clubs and players a faster and cheaper mechanism to solve employment-related disputes via NDRCs.

In addition, the national social partners had the opportunity to verify the importance of setting effective rules and procedures that guarantee clarity, fairness and impartiality when disputes arise between players and clubs.

European football social partners

During his introduction speech, the Head of Cabinet of the EPFL, Jair Bertoni stressed that “The EPFL has always believed that dialogue with the other party is the key to find a positive solution for our football in Europe and for the game to continue flourishing weekend after weekend to bring the amazing entertainment to fans that players, clubs, leagues and national associations are providing.” He then added “We, the European Social Dialogue, are here to help the clubs, leagues, players and national associations to complement and improve national practices of social dialogue. We need to understand that positive work has been done and agreed by national social partners (employers and employees) who know more about their specific needs and the distinctive characteristics of football in their country.”

The seminar represented another step in the on-going process of implementation of the Autonomous Agreement and the minimum requirements for standard players’ contract in Europe. In the last months, representatives of EPFL, ECA, UEFA and FIFPro have participated in field visits to twelve countries to promote dialogue between the national social partners who have discussed such an implementation considering the distinctive characteristics of professional football in each territory.

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