EU Commission adopts EPFL’s reformist proposals

The EPFL welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on the implementation of
the Lisbon Treaty in the field of sport.

The Communication, which was approved today, encompasses the Commission’s positions and strategic priorities aimed at strengthening the societal, economic and organizational dimensions of sport in Europe, embracing several proposals submitted by the EPFL, such as, but not limited to:

  • The acknowledgement of the significant role of sport, and professional football in
    particular, as a dynamo for social development and economic growth and its
    contribution to the overall goals of the ?EU 2020 Strategy?;
  • The social, education and other benefits of sport, including youth development,
    protection of minors or social inclusion;
  • The need to safeguard sport’s economic viability and further development by protecting sports intellectual property rights (including broadcasting of matches, images, calendars, logos, statistics, etc.), through effective legislative measures and appropriate regulation of the sports betting market, including the acknowledgement of competition organisers’rights and a fair financial return for sport from betting companies;
  • The recognition of collective selling of media rights as an essential policy to ensure equitable redistribution of revenues and financial solidarity;
  • The implementation of club licensing systems and rules aimed at promoting good
    governance and financial stability and sustainability;
  • The need to strengthen measures and cooperation to effectively tackle deep-rooted social problems, such as violence, doping, racism and other forms of negative discrimination; and
  • The recognition of social dialogue as a corner stone of the European social model and a significant platform for social consultation between employers and athletes.

In a preliminary reaction voiced right after the release of the Commission’s Communication, the EPFL CEO has praised the inclusive consultation developed by the EU Executive institution:”We are now assessing the content of such Commission, but in broad terms it’s fair to say that the EPFL’s views and reformist proposals have been sought by the Commission and indeed incorporated in its Communication. As demonstrated in several areas and projects throughout the last five years, it is now essential to maintain a positive, constructive and inclusive dialogue and cooperation between Europe and Sport to meet the mounting challenges ahead. The EPFL is well equipped and prepared to further assist the Commission on any matters affecting the new EU competences in the field of sport.”

Nyon, 18 January 2011

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