European Social Dialogue – 2014 kick off meeting in Czech Republic

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(Prague, 30.01.14) – The EPFL took part to the first field visit held in 2014 within the framework of the European Social Dialogue in Prague, Czech Republic, on the 30th of January. The meeting, attended by all social partners (EPFL, ECA, FIFPro and UEFA) and held in a constructive atmosphere, served to support their respective national members in order to enhance dialogue between employer and employees representatives and ensure the implementation of the ESD Autonomous Agreement which incorporate minimum contractual requirements for professional football players.

On the occasion, although all domestic social partners recognized that both the current employment structure and related legal framework could create certain barriers to the initial implementation phase, the parties decided to establish a path for the creation of a standard civil contract which shall include all the necessary minimum requirements beneficial for clubs and players alike, provided that the financial effect for clubs and players shall be limited. To this aim, the present representatives of the Czech players’ union, FA, league association and clubs agreed to create a ‘road map’, in first instance, with the involvement of the parties, which should lead to the draft of the standard football contract by the end of 2014, with full implementation on early 2015.

During the meeting, the EPFL seize the opportunity to have a bilateral discussion with the representatives of the Czech League Football Association on the most probable future admission of the League’s structure in our Association.

The European Social Dialogue will continue with an intense agenda of meetings with field visits to Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey, which shall take place in the upcoming 3 months.

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