EPFL held workshop on Competitions’ Formats and Structures

EPFL workshop on Competitions' Formats and Structures

(Oslo, 26 November 2014) – Hosted by the Norsk Toppfotball (the Norwegian Professional Football League), the first edition of the EPFL Workshop on Competitions’ Formats and Structures was a great success. The event gathered the main experts from fourteen European Leagues who had the opportunity to discuss and share experiences about the contemporary developments across Europe and beyond on different league competitions’ formats, calendar and structures.

Chaired by Jair Bertoni, Head of Cabinet of the EPFL, the Workshop was a valuable platform to learn about the opportunities and challenges at the time of setting up or changing the format of League competitions in addition to the assessment of key factors during the proper decision making process. leagues’ specialists had a common space to openly discuss and analyse how the different League formats may impact on the sporting performance, stadium attendance, TV audience and commercial appealing as well as on youth development and the competitive balance of the competition among other key areas. 

EPFL workshop

During the meeting, Diego Compaire, EPFL Specialist on Competition Matters, presented the main findings of the EPFL analysis on the different competition formats across its Member Leagues. Following that, selected case studies were presented to the audience, including recent experiences from the Polish Ekstraklasa, the Scottish Professional Football League, the Swiss Football League and the Belgian Pro League as well as the Norsk Toppfotball’s case, which at present is considering different alternative competition formats in its country. The Dutch consulting company Hypercube, which is working together with the Norwegian League, also made a presentation on the league structure optimisation. 

EPFL workshop

Norsk Toppfotball Head of Sport Jo Bergsvand said: “The feedback from an impressive list of the leagues’ experts who share their opinions and experiences during yesterday’s workshop just outlines the important role of EPFL in the process of know-how sharing among the Leagues. This was an excellent start and we are looking forward to hosting more meaningful events like this.”

A second Workshop is planned to take place at the end of the 2014/15 season in which once again the Leagues will have the opportunity to further discuss this very relevant subject which is clearly at the core of their competences.

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