III EPFL Workshop on Youth Development

Scouting, training, education and protection of young players should be priority number one in football

(Nyon, 24 May 2012) – The 3rd edition of the EPFL International Workshop on Youth Development has just closed its doors in Norway. Co-organised with the Norwegian Professional Football League (Norsk Toppfotball ) and hosted at Oslo’s Ullevål Stadion, the event gathered major experts from all over Europe to discuss and promote the development and implementation of best practices on recruiting, training, education and protection of young players.

Chaired by EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros and Norsk Toppfotball CEO Niels Røine, the workshop gave, once again, the opportunity to leagues and clubs to share knowledge and excellency within the EPFL platform. This edition focused on several issues of extreme significance for the audience such as:

  • Technology applied to recruitment of young talents
  • Certification and development of youth academies and coaches
  • The psychological element of the young player
  • Closing the gap between youth and senior teams

In addition, the meeting provided a suitable overview of clubs’ and leagues’ activities and projects in the areas of young players’ scouting, training and education thanks to the active contribution of The Spanish Professional Football League, F�reningen Svensk Elitfotboll, Sporting Clube de Portugal, RCD Espanyol, and Czech FA, among others.

During the workshop, the audience also had the opportunity to be educated about the high standard projects run by the Norwegian League and Norwegian Centre for Football Excellence as well as the latest initiatives performed by the Association Culture Foot Solidaire when it comes to protection of minor and fight against trafficking of young players.

Norsk Toppfotball CEO Niels Røine highlighted “The workshop was a showpiece of the different aspects of how to develop young players. It is a complicated issue with number of dimensions that are decisive for success. The speakers and representatives illustrated this and the engagement was great. The Norwegian Premier League is proud to be asked to arrange this work shop and we are really looking forward to meet all participants again for more discussions. I believe that an exchange of experience such as this can provide valuable lessons.”

“Youth development is at the top of our agenda. This is a vital area to ensure football’s long-term interests, social appeal and even the financial stability of clubs. It also contributes to enhance the quality of the game, as well as young players’ personal, social, educational and even moral development.” explained EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. “That is why we are organising this cycle of workshops, bringing together the key stakeholders, promoting the exchange of knowledge and the implementation of best practice. The outcome couldn’t have been better!”

“As a member of the delegation of the German Football League I had the pleasure to take part in the EPFL Workshop in Oslo on 22 – 23 May, 2012. I have been impressed from many presentations, especially about the ‘Technology applied to scout young talents’ and the “Norwegian Center of Football Excellence”. I really enjoyd also the presentations about ‘Psychological Elements of young player’. The organisation of the workshop and the great hospitality of the Norwegian hosts have made the event remarkable.” stated Werner Kern, Head of Junior Team FC Bayern M�nchen.

“In my opinion we do need these kind of conferences. We need to meet to find out how we are going to improve the learning process for our young players and their coaches. We are quite good at teaching players how to pass and dribble, but we must work harder with problems such as trafficking and the influence of agents for young players. Two important areas in the learning process’ concluded Stefan Lundin, Director of Sports of the Swedish Professional Football League (Svensk Elit Fotboll).

At the end of the meeting, the Director of �Association Foot Solidaire� Jean-Claude Mbvoumin stated: “The 3rd EPFL workshop on Youth development in Oslo was a true moment of sharing. Sharing experiences, good practices, knowledge and sharing of emotions in a very studious ambience. This was a personal enrichment and the opportunity to discover the extent and variety of skills in European professional football, all for the well-being, the education and protection of young players in training”.

Geir Jordet, Director of Psychology at the Norwegian Centre of Football Excellence, stated “The EPFL-workshop in Oslo gave me many interesting and useful insights into a wide range of aspects about youth player development in Europe. The presentations were engaging and interesting, and many new bonds were formed with colleagues from all over Europe. All in all, this was an excellent event that I would love to take part in again.”

Paulo Cardoso, Head of Sporting Clube de Portugal Academy stated: “First of all, was really a pleasure and a honor to participate this fantastic workshop with an outstanding organization. The presentations were really great and the exchange of information will have for sure a good effect on Youth Development on European leagues and clubs. �Sporting Clube de Portugal�, by the �Academia Sporting�, will be always ready and available to help the effort of the EPFL on this subject.

Programme of the III EPFL Workshop on Youth Development

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