EPFL welcomes ECJ’s   ruling on “Bernard case”

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on the 16 March 2010, on the case of French defender Olivier Bernard’s move from Olympique Lyonnais to Newcastle United FC in 2000. The case led to the French Court seeking for judgement  after Newcastle and Bernard appealed against Lyon’s lawsuit.
Culminating a long legal battle, The ECJ ruled that Clubs can seek compensation for young players they have trained if they go on to sigh their first contract with a club in another EU country.
The EPFL is now examining the full content and implications of the ECJ ruling, which the CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros has already considered as an important jurisprudential landmark for the future of European professional football and, in particular, youth development.”The EPFL welcomes this decision, which comes without surprise.  It legitimizes the thesis that the EPFL has always advocated: training and education of young players must be dully and proportionately compensated. From now on, investments made by training clubs enjoy strenghten legal protection. This is in strict compliance with what we have always fought for”, stated the EPFL CEO.

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