EPFL Launches Survey on Alcohol and Marketing in Sports

The EPFL, on occasion of its last General Assembly, held in Moscow on 24 June, presented its last study focused on the relation between the Alcoholic beverage market and Sponsorship/Advertisement in the Professional Football sector.

Sport, and football most notably, has been regarded as a privileged vehicle to promote brands and attract new consumers. Over the years sponsorship and advertisement related with the drinking industry has gained a considerable weight among sports main income sources. Nevertheless, the relationship between sport and alcoholic beverages is seen by many as a very controversial issue.

Within this context, this Survey, carried out by the EPFL Information and Mediation Unit, diagnose the current reality on this sector and provide a brief overview on the regulatory frameworks in force across Europe, in relation to sponsorship and advertisement of alcoholic beverage in football, thanks to the answer gathered from the Association’s Member Leagues and Association Members.

Whilst the alcohol industry argue that they are marketing a legal product for adults that, when used responsibly, does not present a problem and point to their funding of public-service messages emphasizing the importance of responsible drinking and the legal drinking age, many countries have already banned or restricted alcohol-related sports sponsorship and advertisement.

The debate on whether further restrictive measures should be implemented, and, if so, up to which extend it would affect sports marketing revenues, is therefore far from over.

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