EPFL Strategy Plan receives unanimous support by the European Leagues

The General Assembly of the Association of the European Professional Football Leagues

Leagues’ leaders gathered in Florence
The General Assembly of the Association of the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) approved, by unanimous vote, the Global Strategy Plan for the current season. The strategy plan now approved by the Leagues embodies the vision, principles and priorities set out by the ?EPFL Declaration of Principles on the Future of Professional Football in Europe?, approved on October 2008, and foresees the main initiatives to be developed by the EPFL in the near future, covering a wide array of key areas.

The EPFL 2008/2009 Annual Report of Activities and Financial Report, as well as the 2009/2010 Budget were also approved by unanimity. Within the same context, the 29 Members Leagues and Associate Members of the EPFL approved the admission of the Ukrainian Premier League as the newest member of the Association.

Financial Matters
The European Leagues had also the opportunity to address the main findings of the EPFL Report on Good Financial Governance at the National Level, including the possible introduction of squad limits and other pertinent measures.

UEFA senior representatives have also attended the EPFL conclave and discussed with the Leagues its financial fair play concept and the measures which are now being studied. Other consultation meetings between both organisations will now follow in order to ensure the Leagues active and constructive engagement in the process.

European Social Dialogue in the Professional Football sector
The General Assembly has also endorsed an agreement reached on the previous day by the CEOs and General Secretaries of the EPFL, ECA, FIFPro Division Europe and UEFA, related with the implementation of professional players contractual minimum requirements across Europe. As agreed, the implementation shall be prepared by a delegation of the four organisations and includes visits to selected countries in 2010 in order to discuss the best implementation method possible in each country.

Contractual Stability between Clubs and Players
In addition to the General Assembly, the EPFL organized its first Forum on ?Contractual Stability and Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Systems”. The Conference took place at the ‘s ala Cinquecento? of the beautiful Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, with the support of the Italian Lega Pro. Culminating such important event, the Chairman of the EPFL Football, Social and Economic Forum,  the Rt Hon Richard Caborn, presented the respective conclusions, which are now at the EPFL official website

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