The EPFL Reaffirms the strategic role of the leagues and their member clubs in the football family

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) held its 2nd General Assembly of 2013/2014 season in Athens, Greece, on the 20th and 21st of March 2014

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) held its 2nd General Assembly of 2013/2014 season in Athens, Greece, on the 20th and 21st of March 2014, co-hosted by the Super League Greece. The EPFL represent 30 Leagues around Europe which represents around 1000 clubs altogether.

International Match Calendar: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

The European Leagues reaffirmed their official position that any potential change in the international calendar must be discussed with all stakeholders and, in particular, be agreed by the Leagues, taking into consideration the disruption caused to domestic competitions in terms of calendar, business and audiovisual partnerships. The EPFL welcomes the official invitation from FIFA to be a member of the task force to discuss this matter with all stakeholders.

EPFL General Assembly Athens, Greece 21st MArch

European Club Competitions

The EPFL Member Leagues continue to call on UEFA to recognize the significant impact on the national leagues of European Club Competitions and the payments to participating Clubs. A key issue is the difference between payments to Clubs in the UEFA Champions League as opposed to the UEFA Europa League, and the access list. The EPFL will continue to press for a new approach which fully recognizes league competitions interests.

Transfer Matters

European Leagues supports the principles of the joint recommendation on transfer matters agreed by UEFA-EPFL-ECA-FIFPro through the Professional Football Strategy Council. EPFL is fully committed to work with its Member Leagues in the implementation of such principles at domestic level such as, for example, tackling overdue payables towards players and clubs.

UEFA Youth League

The European Leagues reiterated their intention to present a proposal to UEFA in order to provide opportunities to more clubs to participate in such European youth tournament. The EPFL also believes it is fundamental to find the proper balance between the sporting merit and the commercial side to access to this competition.

Financial Sustainability 

The European Leagues have a commitment to strong and clear financial regulations and sustainability across all competitions. This is a focus for the EPFL. The European Leagues strongly supports UEFA’s initiative on Financial Fair Play in UEFA Club Competitions.  The EPFL trusts that the implementation should be carried out in a methodical and reasonable manner.

Third Party Ownership

The EPFL fully understands the complex issue of Third Party Ownership (TPO): on the one end the problems related to TPO in terms of ethics and transparency; and on the other end, the rationale behind TPO in certain countries where it is an important financial resource.  The EPFL is committed to collaborate with ECA and UEFA in this respect to work on the possible options to regulate TPO.

Appointment of new EPFL General Secretary

The EPFL General Assembly appointed Georg Pangl, 48 years, Austrian national, as new General Secretary. Georg Pangl previously held the position of CEO of the Austrian Bundesliga during the past 9 years and worked as Austrian FA, FIFA and UEFA Match-Delegate and Senior Event Manager for 16 years.

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