EPFL prepares launch of 2010/2011 Report on European Leagues

Organisation, Structure and Governance

All the information on how the European Leagues are organized, run their competitions, sell their commercial and media rights or distribute their revenues, can now be found in the EPFL Report on leagues’ Organisation Structure and Governance. One year after launching its inaugural edition with resounding impact, the EPFL research unit has been developing the second one, focusing on the 2010/2011 football season. The new Report is expected to be launched by next autumn.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide a coherent, accurate and updated portray of the current landscape of Professional Football Leagues organisation in Europe, adding useful and comprehensive data on the leagues’ structures, scope of competences, commercial and political frame and other key areas. Reinforcing the EPFL’s role as knowledge leader, the Report gathers valuable information on the leagues’ main areas of activity.

Through this initiative, the EPFL also aims to assess the main needs and challenges facing its 30 Member Leagues and promote good governance in all relevant areas of the professional game. Reflecting the successful outcome of last season’s Report, this study will also enable the EPFL Member Leagues to know themselves better and, through a proper benchmarking analysis, consider possible adjustments and enhancements to further improve their own structure and policies, and assist them to enhance their decision-making.

Given the significance and great interest of the information contained in the Report, the EPFL has decided to share it with the wider football family, academic community, interested media and the general public.  The EPFL is therefore delighted to announce that, as from now, the 2009/2011 EPFL Report on leagues’ Organisation, Structure and Governance is available for consultation, free of any charge, at our official website. Click here to view the Publication 

The 2009/2010 edition of the Report provides vital information on the main areas of interest and activities of the Member Leagues and Associate Members, such as but not limited to:

The representation of Clubs at national level and relations with players’ unions concerning the development of CBA?s;

  • The daily management of relationships with its Clubs;
  • The management of licensing systems for Club participation in domestic competitions;
  • The development of national match calendars;
  • The regulatory governance in areas related to professional football, with limited autonomy and restrictions imposed by National Associations, Confederations and FIFA;
  • The commercial development of its competitions;
  • The implementation of Financial Solidarity amongst clubs at national level (and, in certain cases, concerning revenues coming from international competitions);
  • The safeguarding of the integrity of domestic competitions against illegal betting, match fixing, money laundering, etc.;
  • The representation of the interests of professional football with the national government;
  • The promotion of football to all ages, backgrounds and abilities at a national level in terms of participation and spectatorship;
  • The implementation of social responsibility projects at a national level.

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