EPFL Release the 10th edition of its Sports Law Bulletin

Sports Law Bulletin

Third Party Ownership under the spot light

The EPFL has just launched the 10th edition its Sport Law Bulletin predominantly dedicated to one of the controversial topics in today’s football agenda: the third party ownership of the so-called players’economic rights.

Should it be prohibited or should it be permitted under certain conditions? In this case, which regulatory measures would be appropriate? How to safeguard the game’s integrity and guarantee the necessary financial transparency? In the event it is outlawed, would third parties that have already invested in players’economic rights be entitled to some sort of compensation? Could such ban be implemented worldwide? How? When?… All these and many other critical questions will be addressed throughout almost 90 pages, 12 opinion articles, signed by some of the most preeminent sports lawyers and top experts in this field, and an exclusive, first-hand and comprehensive research report dedicated to this issue which will certainly raise much heated debate in the weeks and months to come.

“Discussion has been superficial and mostly dominated by emotions, intuitions and hearsay, rather than by concrete evidence and real knowledge. This new edition of the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin will hopefully invert this situation and provide, for the first time ever, a scientific, fact-based and unbiased assessment on the pros and cons, the risks and merits of the third party ownership issue”, explains the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros.
To this end, the 10th EPFL Sport Law Bulletin includes a series of analysis on the regulatory frameworks and existing realities in several countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, but also Brazil and Argentina. In this edition, the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin has benefitted from the expertise of several contributors, including Brigadier General Richard Andrews (Chief Executive of Monitor Quest), Jane Purdon (Director of Governance of the Premier League), Victoriano Melero and Romain Soiron (Clifford Chance), Juan de Dios Crespo P?rez and Adam Whyte (Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Sports Lawyers), Ariel Reck, Daniel Geey (Field Fisher Waterhouse), Paulo Gon?alves (Legal Director of SL Benfica), Fernando Veiga Gomes (Senior Partner, Abreu Advogados), Luca Ferrari (Partner, CBA Studio Legale); Mikhail Prokopets (Head of sports law practice at YUST – Russia), Eduardo Carlezzo (Senior Partner, Carlezzo Advogados – Brazil) and Carol Couse (Partner, Brabners Chaffe Street).

The pages of the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin will enable readers with fresh news on the main activities and plans developed by the EPFL over the period running from April to August 2012, as well as a summary of the very latest legislative, regulatory and case-law developments in the field of sport at national, European and international level.

For all these reasons, the 10th edition of the EPFL Sports Law Bulletin represents a significant milestone. It celebrates the culmination of an already four-year commitment to provide the football family and the legal community with the most relevant information on the latest developments in field of Sports Law and first-hand juridical insights on the most critical issues facing sport in general and professional football in particular. Commenting on the resounding impact and recognition this EPFL editorial initiative has accumulated since it was originally launched in 2008, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, himself a lawyer, concludes: “The EPFL Sports Law Bulletin has imposed itself naturally and is regarded, today, by all sectors, as a prestigious publication, which has captured the interest of both the sports world and the legal community, and rightfully earned their respect and recognition”.

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