EPFL General Recommendation on Recruitment,Training,Education and Protection of Young Players

The EPFL has officially issued a set of General Recommendations on Recruitment, Training, Education and Protection of Young Players, after the Association’s General Assembly has back it up at a meeting held in Moscow at the end of June.

Committed to take a positive and proactive standing to ensure football’s long terms interests and future development, this initiative fosters the implementation of a series of best practices in terms of youth development. Among its primary objectives, special focus is given to the promotion of the ethics and highest standards across football as well as appropriate forms of cooperation between the various responsible sports bodies.

In this respect, a wide array of specific recommendations is contemplated to ensure that all young players train and play in a safe and supportive environment and that they are protected from potential abuses which may arise from the international movement of young players contrary to the applicable rules and regulations.

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