EPFL meets social partners to discuss minimum requirements for standards players contracts

Signing of European Social Dialogue Autonomous Agreement - Brussels 19.04.12
Signing of European Social Dialogue Autonomous Agreement – Brussels 19.04.12

On 17th January 2013, the EPFL took part in the 1st out of 3 information meetings on “Minimum requirements for standards players contracts” in the European Professional Football Sector. The meeting, hosted by UEFA at its Nyon based Headquarters, counted with the presence of the highest executives of three main social partners at European level, namely the EPFL, ECA and FIFPro, alongside with UEFA, and also those national social partners being impacted by the above mentioned standards of countries like Russia, Ukraine, Croatia , Turkey and Serbia.

The meeting started with introductory speeches from senior representatives of the four parties: Michel Platini (UEFA President), Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (EPFL CEO), Michele Centenaro (ECA General Secretary)and Philippe Piat (FIFPro Division Europe President).

Officially launched on 1st July 2008, under the auspices of the European Commission, the European Social Dialogue in Professional Football Sector saw its major outcome back in spring 2012 during the signature ceremony of the Autonomous Agreement, held in Brussels on 19 of April.

EPFL, ECA, FIFPro and UEFA, which have worked intensively to guarantee a greater respect of contracts and a better recognition of the basic rights and obligations of European clubs and players within the labour-employment field, are now ready to make a further step forward in the concrete realisation of this fundamental need through the implementation of this agreement.

On behalf of the European Leagues, the EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros stated: “The social dialogue helps the social partners to shape employment relations and working conditions in an active and participative way, providing them with the opportunity to give their input, a condition for the self-regulation and autonomy of the sports sector. it’s indeed important to ensure the indispensable balance between clubs and players, their fundamental rights and obligations, in a framework of mutual respect”.

At the end of the meeting, the UCPF General Manager Philippe Diallo had the opportunity to present the case of the French model which represents a unique and successful example of mutual respect of contracts between clubs and players at European level.

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