EPFL petition signatures presented at United Nations FAO’s headquarters in Rome

EPFL petition signatures presented at United Nations FAO's headquarters in Rome

30 November 2010, Rome – Following the successful organisation of the II EPFL/FAO Match Day Against Hunger, the signatures of over 3 million people calling for urgent action to end world hunger were presented to governments at a ceremony held on 30 Novemebr at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Rome headquarters.

During the Event, the European Leagues symbolically offered to FAO General Director Jacques Diouf the official balls used during the II European Match Day against hunger and signed by the football stars involved in more than 150 games all across Europe.

The petition – and its accompanying campaign – calls on world leaders to make the elimination of hunger their top priority.

FAO’s latest estimates put the number of chronically hungry people world-wide at 925 million. Last year, the global economic downturn and rising food prices pushed the figure past the one billion mark for the first time in history.

“People from all over the globe are demanding change, urging political leaders to take action and to tackle the root causes of hunger and food insecurity,” said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf.

“I very much hope that their voices will be heard. Defeating hunger is a realistic goal for our time, as long as lasting political, economic, financial and technical solutions are adopted”.

Groundswell of support from the European Leagues

The Organization’s initial goal was to collect one million signatures. But the success of the campaign has confirmed how strongly people react once made aware of the vast scale of world hunger.

Thanks to the outstanding support of the European Professional Football Leagues, the petition reached people through live events on all continents.

EPFL leagues’ Football ambassadors and many other personalities joined the campaign and signed the petition. These include football stars Raul Gonzalez Blanco, Roberto Baggio, Patrick Vieira, Hansi M?ller, Ren? Adler,  Hirsto Stoichkov, David De Gea,  Dmitriy Alenitchev, Herbert Prohaska,  Jo?o Moutinho, Bruno Conti, Luca Toni, Jerzy Dudek, Gary Neville and much more champions all across Europe.

FAO reached more the 3 Million signatures

European Commission joins EPFL and FAO in the fight against hunger

The Professional Football Against Hunger Campaign will now enter in a new and challenging phase thanks to the EU funds granted by the European Commission ECHO project. The joining of a valuable partner such as the European Commission represents an outstanding opportunity to  enhance and support this noble cause which affect more than one billion people around the world.

Follow and support the EPFL and its Professional Football Against Hunger Campaign on the official website:  www.europeanleagues.com/fao

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